The MacGregor 26 is an American trailerable sailboat, that was designed by Roger MacGregor and first built in , with production ending in The boat. Both the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 are now out of production, We have left these legacy pages up to provide information and knowledge to current owners. MACGREGOR 26M Powersailer. $21, ORLANDO, FL. MACGREGOR 26 M. $22, Whitehall, MI. MACGREGOR 26M. $18, Kirkland.

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Both the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 are now out of production, We have left these legacy pages up to provide information and knowledge to current owners and prospective used boat buyers.

We say live and let live. Vote Up 9 Vote Down. We have been MacGregor’s largest dealer over the past 24 years. I traveled around the US a lot and the boat stayed in Seattle. That boat can start a fight. I like that I can relocate to any body of water I wish to explore without the usual expenses removing, transporting and relaunching a traditional Keel Boat. You can have 2m peace and quiet of sailing, or the fun of powering economically at up to 24MPH with a 70HP outboard BWY has been offering the option of 70hp since we completed the initial motoring performance tests for the MacGregor factory on the very first 26M built.

Cruising Boat Spotlight: The MacGregor 26M – A Controversial Sailboat

You will never tire of the wonderful sensation of shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail MacGregor has already delivered over 2, 26M’s, and over 38, sailboats.


MacGregor critics have said many times: Nice article but why does the author think owners are new to sailing? They have been thoroughly proven over millions of hours of sailing. This is another area where new MacGregor boat owners rejoice and critics scoff. I have the precursor to the 26M. Vote Up 25 Vote Down.

Its high speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat. It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your mscgregor sailing waters. Vote Up 11 Vote Down. Like them or not, one thing that is indisputable about the MacGregor 26 M is they have brought many non-sailors into the sailing universe.

Did macgregir own other boats prior to purchasing? What is the issue? To me the versatility of the Mac 26 overrode the need to conform to norm. You can live on this boat on land or on the water.

Vote Up 6 Vote Down. It has a 70 HP. Vote Up 7 Vote Down. I believe the boat has been reborn by the daughter and son in law. Kept the motor just above idle when the fleet needed to motor for a spell. Then I trailered her home to San Antonio.

No other boats can match their quality, performance, comfort, convenience and low cost. Conclusion We say live and let live. These boats are respected and for charter all over the world. For New or Used Boat Sales: More than a few owners have gotten the sailing bug because they could afford it and then moved towards boats that were designed expressly for sailing. Im the immediate past Commodore of a yacht club, I own a Mac 26X, so hardly new to sailing, the Mac gives me what the others couldnt at a price point that is real value for money, standing headroom, private head for the ladies and she is very sea kindly.


It can be stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp, and rigged in just minutes.

MacGregor 26

Helped the confidence of some of nacgregor newbies during the 6 hour crossing. Vote Up 13 Vote Down. What do you mean? I am a former licensed coast guard captain and master seaman to tons and have owned a number of boats, power and sail.

Vote Up 21 Vote Down. The 26X, has a better cabin layout, and is very comfortable.

Some MacGregors have engines as large as HPs and can top knots. Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety- – sailing, swimming, fishing, macgrgeor, water skiing or just fooling around on the water. And manufactured in Stuart Florida under a new nameā€¦. I am one of those 26 owners mentioned in the article and I appreciate the open minded view of the writer. For Parts and Accessories: