LOCTITE® ™ cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It seals close fitting joints between rigid metal faces and. Loctite Medium Strength Flexible Sealant 50mlRecommended for aluminium parts where flexibility is required e.g. aluminium gearbox and engine castings. LOCTITE – Sealant. Sealant Brand: LOCTITE. Code number: Supplier: Ref.: Model: Volume (ml):

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LOCTITE ml – surface sealant for machined rigid metal flanges, semi-flexible

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Seals close fitting joints between rigid metal faces and flanges.

Provides resistance to low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges. Typically used as a form-in-place gasket on rigid flanged connections, e. Anaerobic – Heat resistant: Excellent – Oil resistance: Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store.

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Loctite 5205 Flexible Fast Cure High Viscosity 50ml

Loctite medium strength, high heat resistance. Loctite for sealing rigid steel and aluminium flanges. Loctite low strength, quick. Loctite instant seal, quick. Loctite quick setting.

Loctite for light metal parts, easy disassembly.

Loctite medium strength, large gaps, quick. CRC Flex Seal, silicone based face sealant. CRC Rigid Seal anaerobic adhesive.

Loctite Flexible Fast Cure High Viscosity ml Gasketing – Bearing King

Loctite Face sealant. Fillings and protective coatings. Hygiene and skin care products. Transmission and conveyor components. Industrial tapes and marking products. Search from products Search from etra.

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