The ‘Sonetto ‘ is perhaps the most passionate, agitated and dramatic of the three, based on the Sonnet Pace non trovo (‘I find no peace. Franz Liszt. Sonetto del Petrarca No. (Pace non trovo; II) for piano (Années II/ 5), S. /5 (LW A55/5). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears. Check out Liszt: Tre Sonetti di Petrarca, S. – Sonetto No. “Pace non trovo” Agitato assai – Adagio by Daniel Barenboim on Amazon Music. Stream.

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Sonetto del Petrarca No. 104 (Pace non trovo; II) for piano (Années II/5), S. 161/5 (LW A55/5)

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From the very onset, an agitato assai passage climbs upwards in accented pave statements until reaching a high B ninth chord that descends introspectively into a recitative-like statement of the primary melodic line. For a more modern, simultaneous translation, see here.


Eyeless I gaze, and tongueless I cry out; I long to perish, yet plead for succour; I hate myself, but love another.

E volo sopra ‘l cielo, e giaccio in terra; E nulla stringo, e [tutto ‘l] 1 mondo abbraccio. Christian Chamorel performs Liszt. Tfovo Introuvables de Alexis Weissenberg.

How to edit pages? Alexis Weissenberg Master Classes: The Complete Edition Box 2. Petrarch Sonnets; Venezia e Napoli. Klinere printed on this website with kind permission.

Romantic Piano Favourites, Vol. Jorge Bolet Plays Liszt. Members How to join this site? The Last Recording Sessions. To attach a tag simply click on the tags button at the bottom of any page. The Best of Liszt.

I find no peace, but for war am not inclined; I fear, yet hope; I burn, yet am turned to ice; I soar in the heavens, but lie upon the ground; I hold nothing, though I embrace the whole world. Jazz Latin New Age. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

3 Sonetti del Petrarca, S.270 (Liszt, Franz)

Vladimir Horowitz at La Scala. The Complete Edition Box 1. Wrangham Sonnet I fynde no peace and all my warre is done, I feare and hope, I bourne and freese lyke yse; I flye above the wynde, yet cannot ryse; And nought I have, yet all the worlde I season, That looseth, nor lacketh, holdes me pacf pryson, And holdes me not, yet can I escape no wyse.


Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon. Below is the text from Liszt’s first nom, Leipzig: Authorship by Francesco Petrarca -no title, appears in Canzoniere Rerum vulgarium fragmentain 1.

Liszt’s Sonetto del Petrarca – The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Likewise, the music continuously alternates between an agitated, declarative extreme and a state of sweet expressiveness. The text describes a soul whose state of mind can only be described in simultaneous extremes: The Romantic Piano, Vol. Sonnet On earth reveal’d the beauties of the skies, Angelic features, it was mine to hail; Features, which wake my mingled joy and wail, While all besides like dreams or shadows flies.

It is also used by Rheinberger: It applies as much to his sacred as to his secular music, to his instrumental as to his vocal settings, to the numerous genres in which he composed, and to the various phases of his stylistic development.