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Catechetical Guild Educational Society; 7 Dec95; Al BEE, CLAIR FRANCIS. Fence busters. Grosset . āś”; o; ###o: ley; 21Aprjl, 5 A BELDEN. Die Erforschung des Mars. by Ley, Willy und Wernher Von Braun: and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Lee Morgan, Jimmy Smith, Hank Mob- ley and Cecil Taylor, Blue Note relies on BN The Americanization of Oooga Booga— Hugh Masekela— MGM.

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Expenses of prosecution to be allowed. Austria – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act. Exclusion of matters declared final.

Amendment of section 33 – Duty to disclose information relating to offences and terrorist acts 6. Crimes against public security, computer data security, public order and morality, and public health; Section Divided leh 5 parts.

Provides for offence of associating with terrorist organisations, transfer of prisoners, and some related matters.

Child Justice Act, No. Austria – Criminal and penal law – International agreement. Suppression of Torture Act No. Amends the Prison Act Cap. Functions of probation service in the field of arbitration Chapter IX: Establishes the National Witness Protection Program to give protection and assistance to certain witnesses and other le.


Criminal Code A Inserts a new Division into the Criminal Code Act concerning torture.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Provides for the improvement of detention conditions and of medical services in detention units. Criminal Organisation Act Provides that in war times the death penalty can be applied to persons found guilty of particularly severe crimes.

Youth Justice Act No. Amendment of section 9 – Money laundering 5. Youth Court Act No. Indictments under this Act Family Violence Act A An Act to provide for the establishment and management of prisons and other correctional institutions; to regulate the manner in which persons in correctional institutions are to be treated by those responsible for their detention and care; and for other purposes. Provides for hours of work, meal breaks and tea breaks, computation of hours, supervision, and some related matters.

Repeals the Jury Act Cap. Crimes Act A Criminal Procedure Act No An Act to provide for the making of declarations and orders for the purpose leey disrupting and restricting the activities of organisations involved in serious criminal activity, and of their members and associates, and to make related amendments to other Acts.


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Prevention of Crimes Act Cap. Creates a Federal Court of Australia and to make provision with respect to the Jurisdiction of that Court. Also provides for some related matters. Criminal Code Amendment Act.

Argentina – Ley núm. de ejecución de la pena privativa de la libertad.

Punishment for assaulting persons apprehending others Part IV provides for procedures for home detention, and Part V for sentencing procedures for community service orders. Antigua and Barbuda – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act.

Duties of person subject to supervision 8.

Criminal Law Consolidation Act No. Made under Crimes Sentencing Procedure Act Criminal Code Act