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Second, the promoter sequence of BnaC9. Search articles by author Erlin Sun.

Number of seeds per silique NSS is an important determinant of seed yield potential lsi Brassicaceae crops, and it is controlled by naturally occurring quantitative trait loci. ACE2 is an ectoenzyme that converts angiotensin II to angiotensin 41but its physiologic role in the airways is currently unknown.

Of note, submersion of the apical surfaces of primary cells caused loss of cilia Fig.

SMG7a and transported to the R block of the same C9 chromosome. Sex Plant Reprod J Cell Sci Previous Article Next Article. Coronavirus infection in acute lower respiratory tract disease of infants.


Exogenous ACE2 expression allows refractory cell lines to support severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus replication. These findings should also apply to the entry of NL63 in human airway epithelia.

As assessed by immunofluorescence staining and membrane biotinylation, ACE2 protein was more abundantly expressed on the apical than the basolateral surface of polarized airway epithelia. At least five independent transformants were subjected to histochemical GUS assays.

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Functional analysis of BnaC9. Among these members, SMG7 proteins, as defined by the N-terminal Ever Shorter Telomere1 EST1 domain, were initially identified as participating in nonsense-mediated mRNA decay NMD ; however, in Arabidopsis, an unusual cell cycle arrest in anaphase II was observed in a hypomorphic allele of smg7indicating its pivotal function in meiosis exit Riehs et al. SMG7b genomic fragment covering the 1.

Identification and characterization of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus replicase proteins. To confirm a polar distribution of ACE2 in differentiated epithelia, selective apical or basolateral surface biotinylation with subsequent precipitation was performed Fig.

In contrast, mouse hepatitis virus-A59 enters polarized cells from the apical surfaces and exits from the basolateral side SMG7b were identified only from the C9 chromosome of B.

B, Genotypes and phenotypes of the recombinants. Thus, it is highly desirable to identify the genes responsible for each component and subsequently, understand the genetic mechanisms underlying the natural variations.


If the material has been adapted instead of reproduced from the original RSC publication “Reproduced from” can be substituted with “Adapted from”.

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SMG7call other B. A unique BAC clone library designated as HBnB was constructed, containing 61, clones with a mean insert size of kb and 9. We also showed that qSS. Epithelia were fixed in 2. To gain a better understanding of how qSS.

Trends Cell Biol The target BAC clone was sheared to fragments ranging from 6 to 8 kb and then subcloned into the plasmid PUC to obtain a library containing 1, subclones. SMG7b and a 5. Feline immunodeficiency virus vectors persistently transduce nondividing airway epithelia and correct the cystic emm defect.

In contrast, FIV pseudotyped with the vesicular stomatitis virus-G envelope entered polarized cells better from the basolateral surface. C9 locus were further determined by progeny testing in and