Nov 15, Filipino Traditional Games or ” Mga Laro ng Lahi” are games that Filipino children invented (but some are adopted as well) that are played. Jul 31, ‘Laro ng lahi’: It’s importance in the inclusion to DepEd programs made these programs even more special is the inclusion of ‘laro ng lahi’ in. Jun 2, In the early ‘s and ‘s, children practice a lot of fun games which is called Laro ng Lahi. But do children these days see this just as an.

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One player is chosen as the “hawk” and another as the “hen”. The game will start with only one it and then try to find and tag other players.


However, mechanics also give each side privileges. The perpendicular line in the middle allows the it designated on that line to intersect the lines occupied by the it that the parallel line intersects, thus increasing the chances of the runners to be trapped, even only one member of a group is tagged the whole group will be the it.

This is really a fun game to play. The game will just continue until players decided to stop. Nanay, Tatay, gusto ko tinapay Ate, Kuya, gusto ko kape, Lahat ng gusto ko ay susundin niyo. Winners who fail to hit their respective anak will stop throwing. The chickens stand one behind the other, each holding the waist of the one in front.

Building dreams, changing lives. The goal is to cross without having tripped on the garter. It is made of a washer with colorful threads, usually plastic straw, attached to it. A circle is drawn on the floor, big enough to accommodate the number of players.

Traditional Filipino Games (Laro ng Lahi)

One player crouches while the other players jump over them. This is called ” agawan base” in some variants, and “bilaran” in others.

The one participants will be a king. Members of the defense team are called itand must stand on the water lines also “fire lines” with both feet each time they try to tag attacking players. Each player adopts a name of a tree or flower that is given by the leader.


If the player with the shorter stick misses to hit the longer one, the same batter will continue. Leron, leron sinta Buko ng papayaDala-dala’y busloSisidlan ng sintaPagdating sa dulo’y Nabali ang sanga Kapos kapalaranHumanap ng iba. The hawk will ‘buy’ a chicken from the hen. They are split into two pairs with each pair facing each other.

lzro See Tumbang Preso and Patay Patayan. The player must ‘kill’ the other players by touching them. Vivian Velez, mahilig sa alis! There are two teams playing: Hence, running after another player is keeping an eye to the tin can’s position. Administrative divisions Elections Foreign relations Political parties. To play this game, two pieces of bamboo sticks one long, one short are required. They will assign each individual what they wanted to be, then act as if it is real.

At the signal of “go”, players will rush to the center to get the coconut husk. They are also able to lshi other player’s holen marble away using theirs.

The latter has to make the tin can stand upright together with its own pamato on the top of it which also adds up to the mechanics of the game. Accurate targeting is the skill developed in this game because the objective of each player is to hit the anak small stones or objects with the use of the pamato big, flat stonetrying to send it to the hole. When the song stops and a player is pointed at they are “out” and the last person left is the taya or “it”. Fourth game was chinese garter, two people hold both ends of a stretched garter horizontally while the others attempt to cross over it.

What is unique in Tagu-Taguan is that this game is usually played at sunset or at night as a challenge for the it to locate those who are hiding under the caves in Laguna and Cavite which is a popular site for pro taguan players.

A longer line is drawn between the hole and the throwing line. Timeline Prehistory Pre Archaic Era — Colonial era — Spanish period — American period — Postcolonial era — Third Republic —65 Marcos dictatorship —86 Contemporary history —present.

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The Hidden Message May 31, – 3: The players take turns of who is shooting. Players have their own small flat stones.

Mga Laro ng Lahi by Gail Barros on Prezi

Due to limited resources of toys of Filipino Children, they usually come up with games without the need of anything but the players themselves. Retrieved from ” https: A person becomes the it when they touch the baka as they labi.

The attack team must try to run along the perpendicular lines from the home-base to the back-end, and return without being tagged by the defence players. Fifth game was Patintero in English try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you.

First game was sudsud, it has a rectangular pattern with columns and lines that are drawn on the floor. Breaking rules to the players give way for the taya to have their overturn, like: Laor for lago players, they have their whole time striking the tin can and running away from the tayakeeping themselves safe with their pamato since making the llaro fell down helps another player from recovering. Through a bamboo pole, the participant must climb to the top and get the flag, but there is a twist, the bamboo pole is covered with oil making it slippery and hard to hold.

The player at the center line is called “Patotot”. Dead, alive, get out of there! The it or tagger tries to tag or touch any of the players who lshi in direct contact with the light. One pair faces each other from a distance and has the garter stretched around them in such a way that a pair of parallel lengths of garter is between them.

Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan Hide and seek, the moon is bright Wala sa likod, wala sa harap Nobody in front, nobody behind ‘Pag kabilang kong sampu When I finish counting up to ten Nakatago na kayo All of you should already been hidden Isa, dalawa,