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The devas went to Indra and Brahma and told the news. The foolish asuras gave her the pot of nectar as they were enchanted by her sat in a line and the devas also sat in a line.

They usually complete it by the time their house hold chores are done.

Lalithambal shobanam | Indusladies

All the devas who have assembled here are standing here with folded hands. On his left shoulder he created another brother called Vishanga.

When the consort of Parvathi saw every where, he saw a garden and there in the garden, one very pretty lass was playing with the ball.

The teacher of the asuras observing the penance of devas, behaved as if his capital was lost and walked fast to Bandasura and asked Bandasura to stop the penance of the devas.

They due to their boons brought Sun in to their eyes and benumbed the army of the Goddess, Seeing the benumbing by Bilaskarar as per the orders of the Goddess, Dandini she who punishes came quickly, blinded the seven ministers, cut off their heads and wore them as a garland.

He then went along with Agasthya to his hermitage and there Agasthya made him to sit on a suitable seat and asked with lot of humility. Like this all the four gates have towers and storey.


She was wearing rings in all her four hands and was holding rope, sugar cane, goad and flower in her four hands. I agree to the. Blood rained from the sky.


Yes, my password is: I see lot of bad signs. Seeing her colour like that of an asura and her pleasant mien like that of moon light, devas saluted with folded hands and fell down on her golden feet. The sinner Sarpeni as per his orders begot serpents all over her body.

This story is also told in Lalitha Sahasra Nama. Nov 1, 6. The Goddess bent her eye brows and stared at him angrily.

As per the order Maya with eight friends who are like her sang Veena sitting on the green colour steps of the pond in the garden in which Bandasura daily takes his bath. The Upakhyanam in the Purana is written in Sanskrit and the Iyer women considered Lalitha as their Goddess and someone composed a summary in the colloquial language used in households.

An unexpected error has been encountered. The Parashakthi does not have either lalithamabl or end and she is the basis of the entire world.

| Lalithambal Shobanam – Devotional 2 – Video

Hearing that Goddess was coming for was Bandasura was taken aback and sitting angrily on his throne, conducted a meeting with asuras. Help Center Got a question? Bandasura asked Maya the asura architect to construct a town on the south of Mahendrapuri and called it as Sonithapura city of bloodLet good things happen. And by the strength of their mace, the devas beat back the asuras and drove them to the nether world of Patala.

Like this whatever fort I am going to tell. I could access the raaga site givne by meena, but the link given by ponkoodi is not working, it says the file access is set to private.


The doors to the top of these towers are joined by iron nails. Bandasura sent the arrow of the wind and Parvathi stopped it by arrow of Varuna and he sent incurable diseases, The mother sent hundred crores of the triple arrow of Achyuthananda Govinda and Achyutha destroyed all the diseases without even leaving a bit.

Sankari thus got victory by killing all asuras. On the cot there is a bed filled with feathers of swan and round pillows on either side. The repeating of Shobanam was primarily for this. The pretty Shakthi were coming in several hoards wearing tight bangles, insignia rings, heavy Armour over their breasts, with Mail coat to prevent arrows and wearing white silk, along with several ornaments for different parts of the body, wearing Chandra.

Lalithambal shobanam

He then created Vishukra who was his intelligent brother on his right shoulder. We are singing this auspicious Lalithambal shobanam so that auspicious things will occur. In case of device support issues, try new Snapdeal App. Shoganam God Shiva made fire sacrifice with ghee, performed Pani Grahanam holding of her handmade her climb on the grinding stone and took three rounds around the fire and the three eyed one, did offer puffed rice to the fire.

Lord Vishnu came before the husband of Lopa Mudhra holding conch, wheel and a book in his right hands. Then Banda made appear innumerable mountain like monkeys and sent them to attack the Goddess.