Available to authorized students of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who have received the appropriate empowerment and reading transmission. This manual is . This e-book serves as a guideline for the Kurukulla Dakini Practice. . article does not represent the official TBS Kurukulla Practice Sadhana. Kurukulla Sadhana Dujom Rinpoche – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Szdhana psychic powers developed through sadhana practice are known as ordinary attainments or siddhis thun-mong gi dngos-grubalthough to us Westerners, with our historical conditioning, psychic powers hardly seem very ordinary.

Kurukulla Unification Sadhana

She stands upon a red sun disc because her nature is hot and enflamed with passion and upon a red lotus blossom because sadhwna is a pure vision of enlightened awareness.

If one is in the field of religion, one can undertake the path of Buddhism and become the founder of a sect. Do you know why we humans adore a particular person?

Contentment is the ultimate wealth; Detachment is the final happiness. From HRI, I appear as the magnetizing dakini: She is represented as a dancing beautiful maiden or kumari.

Dakinis – Passionate and Wrathful. The practice of Kurukulla is found in all four Buddhist schools, especially in rituals associated with kurikulla enchanting or subjugating magical function. Thus, if you want to rid yourself and others of sickness, etc. In the Terma of Apong Tulku, one of the sons of the famous 19th century Terton Dudjom Lingpa, she occurs in a two-armed form, aadhana at ease, appearing much like the more usual form of Green Tara.


In the same way, Christians might have visions of angels that might make the grace of God manifest, but sachana Buddhism there are both male and female meditation deities, and Kurukulla is certainly an example of the latter.

She is red in color, with a single face and four arms.

Kurukulla Abhisheka

Her first right hand holds an arrow made of utpala flowers. An avid poet, artist and athlete, he travels extensively teaching throughout the world. Shambhala Vajrayogini practitioners who feel a strong connection with the Sakyong, and also with magnetizing practice are invited.

There is nothing supernatural about them. She, together with Manjushri and Sarasvati, might even be called upon when a student faces a difficult examination in school. Now if all you want to do is stroke your ego, then go for it. The key cultivation formula for Kurukulla Practice is to arrange five red candles and five red flowers together when practicing.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: If one blows a puff of air sadhsna a person one dislikes, he or she will quickly be transferred elsewhere.

Kurukulla has four arms. Water has the power of purification. Western tradition speaks only of two kinds of magic: The ritual side of things may seem mysterious and captivating, but it is consistent with the “basics” of Buddhism, and across the board teachers say that you simply cannot practice it without that basic understanding, and without a relationship to a teacher s At the popular level, this greatly added to the appeal of Buddhism.

She stands in ardhaparyanka dance position, with her left leg extended, upon a human corpse whose face shows to her left, amidst red rays of light and blazing masses of fire.


In the Terma cycle of Chogyur Lingpashe appears in her conventional four-armed form.

Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar: Kurukulle Sadhana

Not just plants and crops, but also houses and land originate from the earth. In them her name is usually not translated into Tibetan, but given in the variant form Ku-ru-ku-lle.

And it’s purpose is Bodhisattva or arhat-like activity. However, if one’s motivation is quite purely to benefit others, what is the harm in that? These are amazing practices in their own right, and IMO it’s a big mistake to sell them short because Tantra looks more enticing, in fact Without attachment, self-liberating, like a snake in a knot.

Although mind or spirit is primary, the other dimensions of energy or soul and kuruoulla are important. Sadhana or deity invocation is a meditation and ritual practice where the practitioner in meditation assumes the aspect or form of the deity, who is regarded as a manifestation of the enlightened awareness of the Buddha, and then invokes the spiritual powers and wisdom and capacities of that particular deity as an aid to realizing liberation and enlightenment. She has four arms because of the four immeasurable states of mind, namely, love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

She has a sadhna face because she embodies non-dual wisdom beyond conventional distinctions of good and evil.