Option #1: Textbook Scanning Services There are several online services that will scan a textbook and return a PDF document of its contents. Here are the steps to convert books to digital books using a scanner. Cut the binding off the book Kinko’s will do this also. You could just saw. The web’s most affordable non-destructive book scanning service! Our Low Cost Book and Document scanning service allows us to offer the lowest pricing.

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Also, the table of contents will scale with the ebook if the original file is setup correctly. Doing this at a copy shop will be tedious, error-prone, and difficult. How do Minkos fix this hard drive? This is easily accomplished with a paper cutter.

Cut the booklets along the left margin to obtain single pages. Once you’ve chosen the apps that work best for you, you’re ready to bring your home office on the road.

An option to scan documents appears in the Google Drive for Android app. There are other software development options out there as well, Corona SDK that are far more involved but will create a superior ebook and you can develop for other formats as well.

What resolution and format would be best? After the scan is completed you’ll typically be asked where you want to save or share the document. This would include just emailing the actual Word file that Amazon will convert. I am pretty sure he said the book scanning machines at the various Internet Archive locations accept materials from the public for scanning.

So if you can’t prove that you’re the rights holder, or that you have the rights holder’s permission, nobody at FedEx Office is going to scan a published book for you, and I would be surprised if you could get anyone else at any other copying business to do it. Each textbook is bound a little differently.

Scan and print anything from your phone

The price depends on the boo of the book. These are the apps you need to know about, and how to get them working for you. As an added bonus, Google Drive on the web can digitize your scans and let you edit the text inside them.


If I understand correctly, the output can be formatted for Kindle, Nook, epub, i-devices, etc.

Best way to scan printed book to ebook? | Ask MetaFilter

Perhaps the kinios exciting advantage is the ability to carry thousands of books on a thin device. Scanning from a phone is a pretty similar process no matter what iknkos you’ve got—you just install the app you want to use. The cost of the hardware is the greatest downfall to this method, although if you want to keep your textbook intact this is the way to go.

I was at a talk by Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive recently. However, a lot of dust has been kicked up over Google Books project and the legality of it.

Apps like Scannable let you process and share documents after you’ve scanned them. Each method varies in cost and effort required. Textbook publishers are charging forward through this new frontier of media distribution, but unfortunately only a small portion of textbooks are available for download today. Several apps will do the sccan for you, or you can snap a picture using your phone’s default camera app and store your scan as an image somewhere. Anything other than text is going to introduce either file overhead or constraints you do not want.

Your goal is to dissect the book so that you have several booklets of pages. First, though, figure out whether you want to go the OCR, “Optical Character Recognition” route, wherein you get OCR software to view the scans of the pages and attempt to read the text.

I don’t have anything up on the Kindle store yetbut it is my understanding from a friend that does that Amazon penalizes you for file sizes. From there you can make any needed corrections and then change the format. They have pretty tight restrictions on content, though, so check to make sure that your book meets that.

The prices for this have come down quite a bit in the past few years so that is affordable to the average person. There are many available.

  ASTM E1181 PDF

Google Drive for Android. Android ios smartphones DIY printing scanning tech hacks. Once you’ve worked through the setup process, your printer will automatically boko up whenever you choose to print from an Android app, as long as it’s installed on an Android device linked to the same Google account—some rather impressive cloud magic from Google.

While services like 1dollarscan.

HP’s ePrintfor example, is one app that will allow you to send documents to a printer over the web using email, while Canon’s own print app for iOS and Android devices does something similar. But when it comes to printing, Apple and Google take slightly different approaches.

Is the book’s copyright still in effect? If all you’re scanning are images perhaps photos from an old albumthen this is probably the best approach. Please let us know what solution you hit on. If not, I’ve had great success using a bandsaw to cut off the spine and then feed the book through something like a Fujitsu ScanSnap, a double-sided high-speed scanner that comes with OCR software.

Blueleaf will scan books without destroying the binding, if that’s a requirement for you. You can create an Amazon Kindle account and email it to yourself.

As with any upload, make sure you test not only on your Kindle reader, but as many of the other reader types that have been sold over the last couple of scann. March 20, 3: They can communicate with the web directly, which means they can also communicate with your phone directly, once both are linked to your Google account. To ease the gouging, BlueLeaf will scan your first 50 pages for free.

Many new printers that offer Wi-Fi come with the functionality built-in. All of these apps are free so you can experiment with each one and see which works best for you.

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