Keralacharithram analyses the history of Kerala in a appropriate way and present it in a simple language. This historic book is authored by A Sreedhara Menon. കേരളചരിത്രം (ഒന്നാംഭാഗം),ചരിത്രം-കേരളം. Megalithic culture · Maritime contacts · Sangam period · Tamilakam · Cheras · Ays · Ezhil Malai The history of Kerala, India, dates back many millennia.

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This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Retrieved 30 July Politics in Kerala is characterised by continually shifting alliances, party mergers and splits, factionalism within the coalitions and within political parties, and numerous splinter groups. The Samoothiri Maharaja of Kozhikode permitted the Portuguese to trade charighram his subjects. Any product found defective will be replaced free of cost. He travelled extensively across the Indian subcontinent establishing institutions of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

It proclaims that Parasuramaan Avatar of Mahavishnuthrew his battle axe into the sea. During his reign, the Portuguese managed to dominate relations with Kochi and established a number of fortresses along the Malabar Coast.

Kerala Charithram Part 1

However, the Chera capital, Mahodayapuramfell in the subsequent attack, which compelled the Chera king, Rama varma Kulasekara, to shift his capital to Kollam. Hurst for the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Thrippappur and Chirava, merged into the Venad family and established the tradition of designating the ruler of Venad as Chirava Moopan and the heir-apparent as Thrippappur Moopan. Dictionaries, references Language cahrithram Competitive exam preparaion Personality Development Management General knowldege.

India Book House, Bombay]. History of India, in Nine Volumes: Retrieved ,erala August Their trade in Kozhikode prospered with the establishment of a factory and fort in his territory. In the second half of the 12th century, two branches of the Ay Dynasty: It true that it took time to complete the book, I think it is of the information packed in this.

There were also numerous small vassal kingdoms and city-states called ” Vels “. Arabs and Phoenicians were also successful in establishing their prominence in the Kerala trade during this early period.

Kerala Charithram, Book, History, Politics ,Written By Velayudhan Panikkasseri

A reference book indeed. The British concluded treaties of subsidiary alliance with the rulers of Cochin and Travancoreand these became princely states of British Indiamaintaining local autonomy in return for a fixed annual tribute to the British. Want to Read saving….

Until the end of the 11th century, it was a small principality in the Ay Kingdom. Harikrishnan rated it liked it Apr 02, Cahrithram of history of the region from the 6th to the 8th century is obscure. Retrieved 29 December To review this kerwla, Please Sign In. The inhibitions, caused by a series of Chera-Chola wars in the 11th century, resulted in the decline of foreign trade in Kerala ports.


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Retrieved from ” https: Hyder Ali and his successor, Tipu Sultancame into conflict with the British, leading to the four Anglo-Mysore wars fought across southern India in the latter half of the 18th century. Would you like to tell us about keral lower price? Thrissur Pooram Pakittum Perumayum.

Other topics Geography Economy Architecture Forts. The Dutch Malabar in turn were weakened by their constant battles with Marthanda Varma of the Travancore Royal Familyand were defeated at the Battle of Colachel inresulting in the complete eclipse of Dutch power in Malabar. Fashion Jewelry Imitation Jewelry. Shipping charges vary from country to country.