The Kamalanathan committee final guidelines come out, This Committee, appointed by Central government to supervise TS AP Government. The final guidelines will be sent to the Centre for approval after AP and Telangana,” member secretary of Kamalanathan Committee, PV. The committee would forward its final guidelines and recommendations after the minutes of the meeting were signed by all the committee.

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Kamalanathan Committee Guidelines: Full Text On Employee Division

Only state-level posts will be distributed in the ratio of Unmanned level crossings commttee be barricaded. But, they will be liable to serve the state to which they are allocated. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. Ensuring transparency The committee would forward its final guidelines and recommendations after the minutes of the kamlaanathan were signed by all the committee members to the Centre for its approval.

The committee ruled that its efforts would be to ensure genuine kamalanathsn candidates were allotted to the State when the employees exercised their option. April 22, Spouses working in state government and related institutions will, as far as practicable, be allotted to the same state after considering the options made by them. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

However, supernumerary posts could be created only after the kamslanathan released tentative list of allocation of employees to the posts. The committee did’t make any major changes to draft guidelines that were released in July.

Kamalanathan committee guidelines:Full Text

City Caught on cam: Display posts from previous: The same is possible for the Telangana local employees if they opt for AP. On the other hand, only a small percentage of Andhra employees are in excess in assistant section officer and other higher cadre posts.


Officers who have retired or died after the Appointed Date will also be allotted for calculating retirement benefits.

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Krishna Rao and Rajiv Sharma — respectively gave their dissent notes with regard to certain provisions in draft guidelines 18 f and 18 n and other issues, the meeting after considering them came out with remedies, but decided to leave it to the Department of Personnel and Training, GoI, to give its view. In the meantime, the committee would notify the cadre strength of united AP as on June 1, in a couple of days and upload it to ensure transparency.

Sources said that after enhancement of retirement age to 60 years, seniors may not be willing to come to Telangana and thus committe f would not create level playing field for Telangana, they added.

This decision to seek political clearance at the draft guidelines stage itself did not yield any result. The much awaited Kamalnathan Committee’s guidelines are open. If there were any issues after that it would be for the respective governments to sort it out. Local candidature is to be defined under the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Order,entered in the service record or as certified by the competent authority with strict reference to the school records.

Kamalanathan Committee Guidelines on Employees Division Between AP and Telangana

In the event an SC or ST employee not exercising his option, he will be allocated the state of his domicile, as determined based on his service register. Incidentally, both the Chief Secretaries are members of the Kamalanathan Committee which broadly reached a consensus on the draft guidelines and none expected such delay in getting their formal approval.

The employees who are known to be facing serious medical hardships such as cancer self or dependent familyopen heart, bypass surgery, and kidney transplantation, kidney failure and continuing on dialysis will be considered for allotment, on special grounds on priority, on the basis of the option they exercise.


As per the draft guidelines, a person who is local of AP state can give his preference for Telangana and if posts are available, he can be allotted to Telangana. Had they done it, they would have got the feedback from every quarter by now. Apparently, the Telangana government has not yet finalised its views on compulsory option for those retiring in two years as also the criteria for determining the local status of the employees on the basis of nativity rather than four consecutive years of study.

If no educational qualification has been prescribed for the post, the employee has to give proof of residence where he stayed continuously for a period of 7 years immediately preceding the date of notification for the post.

Only local status to be norm for staff division | Hyderabad News – Times of India

Rules framed in the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Order,will govern the distribution process. Candidates who stand allotted by the APPSC or other recruiting agency before the Appointed Date will be asked to indicate their preference.

Option once exercised cannot be changed under any circumstance, said the committee. Then options would be sought from the employees for allocation of employees to the posts in each State. For, Telangana employees are in surplus in the lower cadre posts.

Employees given two weeks to give options.