2 Select the pattern No. you desire to sew. When the power is turned ON, the data input screen is displayed. Pattern No. button. (B) which is selected at present. Product Information of LBHAN Series – JUKI Industrial Sewing Machine. Only spare parts designated by JUKI can be used for repairs. .. Computer- controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine, LBH, has the subclass.

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The thread tension and main drive mechanisms in LBH is electronically controlled with easy control options.

Juki LBH-1790 Sewing Machine Parts

Removing the needle rocking motor 1 Remove the face plate section. Email this page to a friend. Computer-controlled, High-speed, Buttonholing Machine with a shorter-thread remaining function. Computer-controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine 10 pages. Page 21 Page 22 – Longitudinal and lateral adjustment of t Put the sewing machine in the bobbin thread trimming adjustment mode with level 2 of memory switch.

Page – Power circuit diagram 3-phase to Remove presser roller installing base 0 0. Standard Sewing Shape List 2. Removing the timing belt 1 Remove the feed plate and the throat plate connection and loosen two setscrews 1 in the hook driving shaft bearing bush. However, when a larger capacity is required in case of the external input or the like, it can be upgraded to k byte EEPROM.

Throat plate Knife drop groove Edge of machine arm LBHA Series Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the buttonhole size is changed.


Juki Automatic Sewing Machine LBH 1790A, Speed: 4200 RPM

The newly-developed shorter-thread remaining mechanism trims the thread short and eliminates the trouble of manual thread nipping. Size of cloth cutting knife. Precision of needle throwing mechanism. Adjustment Procedures Results of Improper Adjustment Loosen setscrews 2 in bobbin thread trimming origin detecting sensor installing plate 1, align uuki edges of the arrrow mark in the figure with each other, and tighten setscrews 2.

Needle thread tension for sewing parallel and bartacking sections of buttonholes can be separately controlled through the operation panel and stored in memory according to various sewing conditions e. Got it, continue to print.

Page 27 Page 28 – Replacing the bobbin thread trimmer Page 29 Page lbn-1790 – Adjusting the presser lifter Page 31 Page 32 – Adjusting the presser lifter origin sens Fuse List 5 Fuse list Fuse list mounted on the respective printed circuit boards in the control box is shown in the table below. Number of standard patterns.

Juki LBH, Electronic Button Hole Machine

Adjusting the waiting position of the bobbin presser Loosen nut 1 and jiki the distance from screw 2 to the bobbin presser base to 5 mm. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Knife solenoid lifting time setting 5 to Knife cylinder lowering time Optional 5 to Y-feed motor origin compensation to 1 pulse 0. Page – Power circuit diagram Single phase All rights reserved throughout the world. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Basting stitch mechanism is effective for the production of beautiful buttonholes. Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Cloth cutting knife size 3. Page 13 Page 14 – Adjusting the rotary jkki of the cloth c Then fix idler fulcrum hinge screw 2. Page of Go. Loosen setscrew 2 in needle bar rocking lever, rear 1, and make a state that needle bar rocking frame 3 can move freely to the right and left.


Abnormality of temperature of heat sink for servo control p. Page – Block diagram C Single phase to Enter text from picture: Remove the needle and the cloth cutting knife from the sewing machine.


Chainstitch Button Hole Sewing machine Tag Page 82 Item Setting range Edit unit Initial value Knife solenoid lifting time setting 5 to Knife cylinder lowering time Optional 5 to Y-feed motor origin compensation to 1 pulse 0. DP type, full-rotary hook. When data is not written in EEP-ROM or data is broken, data is automatically initialized and the initialization is informed. Lubrication method Face plate section: With Regard To Mechanical Components — — Removing the timing belt 1 Loosen two coupling setscrews 1.

E Turn OFF the power.

muki Various Data List 8. Top of Bottom of Bottom of square square type straight bar- type tacking Adjusting The Presser Lifter 10 Adjusting the presser lifter Standard Adjustment 1 Adjusting the backlash of the presser lifter gear 1. Page 25 Page 26 – Adjusting the bobbin thread trimming ori When solenoid power of servo control p. Page — 99 — Page 84 5 Radial straight bar-tacking type 6 Radial flow bar-tacking type S Head Sensor Circuit Diagram 9 Head sensor circuit diagram — — Detailed Explanation Of Continuous Stitching Remove setscrews 1 as shown in the figure below.