Editorial Reviews. Review. “A man went to knock at the king’s door and said, Give The Tale of the Unknown Island – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Tale of the Unknown Island [Jose Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man went to knock at. By Jose Saramago Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,; Sunday 27 . What unknown island, asked the king, trying to suppress a peal of.

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That said, this is still worth reading, and is very uplifting and enjoyable.

Selected pages Title Page. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He couldn’t understand what these sailors were doing there, the same ones who had refused to embark with him to go in search of the unknown island, they probably regretted the crude irony with which they had treated him. The cleaning woman could contain herself no longer, As far saramaho I’m concerned, that’s the boat for iisland, And who are you, asked the man, Don’t you remember me, No, I don’t, I’m the cleaning woman, Cleaning what, The king’s palace, The woman who opened the door for petitions, The very same, And fale aren’t you back at the king’s palace cleaning and opening doors, Because the doors I really wanted to open have already been opened and because, from now on, I will only clean boats, So you want to go with me in search of the unknown island, I usland the palace by the door of decisions, In that case, go and have a look at the caravel, after all this time, it must be in unnkown of a good wash, but watch out for the seagulls, they’re not to be trusted, Don’t you want to come with me and see what your boat is like inside, You said it was your boat, Sorry about that, I only said it because I liked it, Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking.

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He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is conclusive, but the message comes suddenly and made me wonder if it was originally intended to be a novella.

He dreamed that his caravel was on the high seas, with the three lateen sails gloriously full, cutting a path through the waves, while he controlled the ship’s wheel and the crew rested in the shade.

The story, while being a joy to read, is a bit too short and feels as if it could have been much greater. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This story is classic Saramago with all of his talents and motifs on displays. Otherwise inquiry is merely repetition or review.


The Tale of the Unknown Island – José Saramago – Google Books

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Common terms and phrases allegory asked the king bormaster bronze doorknocker broom bunk candle caravel cither cleaning woman cleaning woman’s face crew members dark darning the pages decided door for favors door for unknowj door of decisions favors being offered fell silent gangplank give orders go and tell go in search going to sea gunpowder happened harbor harbormaster heard king’s palace king’s philosopher king’s visiting card know perfectly known land least leave locker look lovely manage maps never Open the door ourselves person port or starboard quay rabbit replied safe sailors Saramago scrubbing the deck seagulls seams seaworthy boat second secretary ship ship’s wheel shouting silence sleep socks someone soon straightaway supplicant Sweet dreams Tale there’s things third secretary thought three days tomorrow took turn unknown islands left utter voyage wait want the boat want to go wanted a boat wheat field wind worried.

Since the king spent all his time sitting at the door for favors favors being offered to the king, you understandwhenever he heard someone knocking at the door for taale, he would pretend not to hear. The other lockers, she soon discovered, were empty. To have is probably the worst way to love. Io intanto ho riscoperto quella incantata di Francesco … http: The Tale of the Unknown Island.

This story caresses the heart and makes one feel the subtle magic of the world that echoes in the beauty of life all around us. He brings the floor cleaner from the Castle of the King to help him in his journey. View all 3 comments.

The king kose so taken aback that the cleaning woman hurriedly offered him the chair with the straw seat that she herself used to sit on when she had some needlework to do, for, as well as cleaning, she was also responsible for minor sewing chores in the palace, for example, darning the pages’ socks. View all 35 comments. A steamship’s siren let out a potent growl, such as leviathans must have made, and saramagoo woman said, When it’s our turn, we won’t make so much noise about it.

It looks like a caravel, said the man, It is more or less, agreed the harbormaster, it started life as a caravel, then underwent various repairs and modifications that altered it a bit, But it’s still a caravel, Yes, it’s pretty much kept iose original character, And it’s got masts and sails, That’s what you need when you go in search of unknown islands.

From Wikipedia, the free talle. They went up to the quarterdeck, the man still protesting at what he called her madness, and there the cleaning woman opened the joxe he had brought, a loaf of bread, hard goat’s cheese, olives and a bottle of wine.

Then the man at the wheel saw land in the distance and tried to sail straight past, pretending that it was the unknoqn of another land, an image that had traveled across space from the other side of the world, but the men who had never been sailors protested, they said that was where they wanted to disembark, This island’s on the map, they cried, we’ll kill you if you don’t take us there.


If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less.

The Tale of the Unknown Island

In the rush to leave, the sacks of earth had. You want a real review? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The man has no idea that, even though he has not yet started recruiting crew members, he is already being followed by the person who will be in charge of swabbing down the decks and of other such cleaning tasks, indeed, this is the way fate usually treats us, it’s there right behind us, it has already reached out a hand to touch us on satamago shoulder while we’re still muttering to ourselves, It’s all over, that’s it, who cares anyhow.

They both laughed, then fell silent, after a while, one of them suggested that perhaps they should go to sleep, Not that I’m particularly sleepy, and the other agreed, No, I’m not either, then they fell silent again, the moon tle and continued to rise, at one point, the woman said, There are bunks down kf, the man said, Yes, and that was when they got up and went below decks, where the woman said, See you tomorrow, I’m going this way, and the man replied, I’m going this way, see you tomorrow, they did not say port or starboard, probably because they were both new to the art.

Briefly, perhaps my briefest yet: From the depths of the hold he could hear a chorus of neighing horses, lowing oxen, braying donkeys, the voices of the noble beasts so vital for carrying out heavy work, and how did they get there, how can they possibly fit into a caravel which has barely enough room for the human crew, suddenly the wind veered, the mainsail unkhown and rippled, and behind was something he hadn’t noticed before, a group of women, who, even without counting, must be as numerous as thee sailors and are occupied in womanly tge, the time had not yet come for them to occupy themselves with other things, it’s obvious that this must be a dream, no one in og life ever traveled like this.

The Tale of the Unknown Island by José Saramago

Saramago is Portuguese; Coelho is Brazilian. Then she rolled up her sleeves and started scrubbing the deck. Oct 06, Jim Fonseca rated it liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.