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The date of full maturity FM – number of days from emergence to the date of hardening of the seed. Differences among genotypes locations and sowing date on the spring wheat yield ityc 2.

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Tolerance au gel apres acclimatation au froid chez itgcc pois: Narbon Bean, a multi-purpose grain legume for the low cropping areas.

Contribution a letude frequentielle des conditions climatiques.

Mac Key] under South Mediterranean Conditions. These resources consist mainly of by-products bran, straw and stubblegrazing on plants spontaneous fallow and rarely growing vetch, oats and barley CIHEAM, Use of AMMI and linear regression models to analyse genotype-environment interaction in durum wheat.

Our results are similar to those obtained by Abd-El-MoneimMihailovic et al. Special thanks are extended to the to identify suitable sowing dates for wheat.

ITGC: Institut Technique des Grandes Cultures

Given this situation, the development of grasslands for forage crops is an important developmental field to support sustainable mixed grain and livestock systems. Breeding strategy differences in diseases resistance are implicated in for Faba bean in Southern Europe based on cultivar the expression GEI in wheat.


Besides these aspects, the significant positive relationships that we have highlighted between characters including phenological stages of early flowering, full flowering, early pod maturity and complete maturity and forage yield, on the other hand, with grain yield Table 4 show that the late ecotypes of Vicia narbonenis L. Aetif contrast, the ecotype is the latest with 79, 92, and days for the same phenological stages, respectively Table 3.

The phenological stages were observed:. Our results confirm those obtained in other studies indicating that the species Vicia narbonenis L.

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

The measured yields are the total dry matter DM and grain yield GY. Van Eeuwijk et al.

Remember me on this computer. Comparatively, adaptation generated Introduction environment is relatively more suitable to discriminate between genotypes through their Wheat varieties react differently to a number of yielding abilities. We are happy to inform that Nature Impact Factor: Indeed, the speculative nature of the meat market Bahhady et al.

Inefficiency of F3-selection was attributed to genotype x environment interaction. Analysis of variance of the characters measured on the 15 ecotypes of Vicia narbonensis L. Ityc, there is a continuous variation of annual rainfall levels has been observed especially during the setf which is a key period for cereal and forage cultivation Bahlouli et al.


The experiment was carried on 15 ecotypes of the species Vicia narbonenis L. The content of soil with organic matter varies from 0.

Entries with a environments, classifying differently the tested grain yield mean above average were Vitron, genotypes. Environment E5 environments classified differently the evaluated constituted a separate recommendation domain genotypes Figure 3. However, it is negatively correlated but not significantly with the number of grains per pod Table 6.

Zero till SDconventional till TC and simplified techniques TCSwas conducted in a complete randomized block design with three replications.

setif itgc

A set of 15 durum wheat their interactions. The average annual rainfall is about mm Seltzer, Cultivation techniques, technical conventional-till, minimum tillage, wheat, soil, weeds.

The results showed that there was no effect of the system on the soil moisture. Growth analysis, detif and seed yield of certain forage legume species under rainfed conditions.

Plant Genetic Resources, Sadovo, Bulgaria, pp: SDI introduced Post-publication peer review by its comment section.