Altair provides comprehensive software support via web FAQs, tutorials, training OS. Version. Architecture. GUI Products. Solvers. Windows. 7//10 x86_ 10 HMD Introduction HyperWorks Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Changing the Start-in Directory. while OK changes the representation of your scene and closes the Customize View Detail window. Wireframe resolution: 4. Wireframe resolution:

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To review the generated misdurface, hide the Body. Those faces are called free boundary faces. In the Model Browser click the Selector Icon.

Are there any red, free edges that should not belong if the mesh was continuous or if all of the elements were connected? Enter the Delete panel in one of the following ways: With the CTRL key held on the keyboard the mouse provides total control over rotation, zoom and pan.

Review the mesh quality. By default, this tool bases the initial threshold values on the fail column. Use the topology display and shaded modes to perform this task. Remain in the edit element subpanel. Create a preliminary mesh. Use the icon to switch the global controls between the Geometry, Elements and Both options. Warpage of up to five degrees is generally acceptable.

Hypeeworks HyperMesh, these tasks can be performed in batch mode with the BatchMesher, requiring a minimum of input and user interaction. The dimensioning tool allows you to select dimensions of tutorail between surfaces, and modify those dimensions as required.

Shell elements have no physical thickness representation; they are displayed as two dimensional entities whose thickness is simply a numerical value assigned to them. HyperMesh has suppressed edges that it felt would not allow elements that met the criteria to be created. From the 2D AutoMesh panel, size and bias sub panel, next to flow select the align and size options. View the model in topology display toolbar to evaluate its integrity.


Solving Solving is performed by any of the many commercially available software written to perform Finite Element Analysis.

Tutorials – Altair HyperMesh – Altair Forum

Some issues require filler surfaces and point replacement. HyperWorks Brochure Tytorial HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and tutorila high performance, tutoriak efficient and innovative products.

Topology Refinement The goal of topology refinement is to manipulate the geometry to remove or alter geometric features that cause poor element quality. The edge fillet will be highlighted. Using tutoriwl single surface selector, select all four internal surfaces of the holes in the graphics area. Make the AlignOnly collector current and the only collector visible.

Suppress shared edges causing a small edge. Notice the arrows do not all point from the same side of the part. Remy Orban, Mechatronic Engineer at Schneider Electric discusses a low voltage circuit breaker actuator design using Flux. It simplifies the selection of the lines bounding the missing surface. Figure out what is causing the topology to be displayed this way. Because the geometry consists of thin planar sections, it is assumed that it will be modeled for FEA as shell elements.

Creating mesh in these cases allows the mesh in adjacent volumes to automatically have proper connectivity. You can right-click to undo the last line segment drawn or you can click delete line to start over with selecting points.

Resource Library

Text input fields – Operate like text fields in most programs Extended Selection – Clicking the yellow selection button will open the extended selection window. Note the small square in the center of the screen indicating the rotational center. This means that if you see a surface edge in the mesh unless it is suppressed you will see that same edge in the mesh.


Repeat this step to create a filler surface in the other gap. If at least tutoria end shows a movable lock arrowlaunch the manipulator edit mode by clicking the text.

This section introduces you to common panel attributes and controls as it guides you through translating nodes and elements using the Translate panel and measuring distances between nodes using the Distance panel. This surface can either be a midsurface that was created earlier, or a surface that is part of the solid.

Many of the tools can be found in other panels and their functionality is exactly the same. The mesh is scanned and the program will try to fix as many elements as it can in accordance with the specified settings and criteria. Planes parallel to the offset surface drawn at target point, which can be displayed for reference.

Note that the mesh now consists completely of rows and columns of quads. Right click to hide a component and left click in the area of a hidden component to see a ghost image of the hidden component.

Highlight components using the Left Mouse Button in the Graphics Area, and note how the Global Controls now only tutoria the tutoriak components.

Click the Mask Icon again. A Tetra Mesh Optimization window opens which contains the tools and settings tktorial fixing slivers and wedges. Unconnected elements are in effect a slice in a part and all stresses, strains and deformations will stop at the unconnected region.