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I would rather say it is the only thing that exist. That is, for each kilowatt of work you give the system, you get two kilowatts of heat at Th: This has not happened for some time now as people who make massive financial profits have made it their business to prevent any ww advance for many years now.

The electromagnets are then powered just enough to overcome the backwards drag of the magnets when they have just passed by the cores of the electromagnets. Water use in engines. The only thing that is perpetual is a distrust to physics and a belief to their Gurus and conspiracy theories… And more scammer names to add to the list: One other unusual feature is the way that the motor shaft spins a disc with permanent magnets mounted on it.

I was pretty excited about any idea that would save me gas money.

A standard heat pump is fgee overunity. For example Stanley Meyer which HHO producing devices supposedly can decompose water at a much greater rate than normal electrolysis… turns out he was right, there is now academic researchers replicating or almost replicating his work. We simply could not do science!

Newtonian mechanics were not overturned by General Relativity, they were shown to be a special case. It also almost certainly is complete nonsense.

He decided that at his age of seventy, being killed was not a major thing, so he went ahead and published all the details.

  IEC 61029 PDF

Stan Meyer’s Water Injection System.

Load V mains V mains 12V inverter watts 0. The outdoor units freeze right up. In passing, if you want to check out the details of all of this, Lee and Yang were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in for this theory which was proved by experiment in that same year.

The check just has to clear. Conventional science has latched on to gree information and refuses to believe that it is not the last possible word on electrolysis. Ironically it is not the latter who are being narrow-minded as their position is a consequence of having a broader overall view of the implications. Until then — STFU! If physical laws changed over time, it would be impossible to replicate and confirm the experiments of others.

Advanced Joule Thief circuits.

Free energy

Those research papers are produced as the result of research work done by graduates under the guidance of a professor. So, because of this, the main subject is the next generation of commercial devices, devices which do not need a fuel in order to function and power our homes and vehicles, wdw which operate no matter what the weather is doing.

At sun-up on the next day, you can continue your journey. The result is that the pump powers itself and provides excess electricity which can be used to power other electrical equipment.

– Free Energy

The rub is that I doubt any holistically thinking person would claim a truly closed system. The energy will seek out a place of lower energy and go there.

But his new versions were still an imperceptibly exact match to Newton in cases of low densities and low velocities. He uses a capacitor made from two metal plates with a sheet of plastic between them, instead of Tesla’s insulated single plate. COPs of more than 1 are possible with heat pumps only because heat is an inferior form of energy.


With Kv and capacitors of 10 pico-Farads you can achive a thrust of less than 0. Tariel is seen here lighting a row of five light bulbs hanging from a broom handle placed across the backs of two chairs – not exactly a high-tech, high-cost form of construction this! If someone wants to spend their time working on an impossible hack, then more power to them. See how long you can support your own body weight against gravity before you get tired.

Could that add up to enough to pay back the initial generation of hydrogen with some left over?

Full text of “PJKbook”

Permanent magnets only 9. Measuring magnetic field strength. It is the same with overunity and for precisely the same reasons. It will seep out uj tiniest cracks. But Mulder saw it fly so it must be real. Unfortunately, doing this creates magnetic drag and that drag increases with the amount of electrical current being drawn from the coils. Looking at this in isolation, we appear to have a free-energy system which contradicts the Law of Conservation of Energy.