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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www ยท MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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To service the rotary switches on assemblies A8 and A9, proceed as follows: If no obvious trouble is found, check power supply voltages in the instru- ment; also check the external power source. Delayed sweep is started by a negative-going pulse at the collector of A10Q Delayed trigger operation is similar to main trigger operation.

Substrate A5A1 contains nine thick-film resis- tors, one high-frequency monolithic chip, and two 1740z transistor chips.

Barry Fox New Member Jul 11, Location of A7 Attaching Screws g. The output of A3A1 is connected to delay line A4.

A User Manual – A Oscilloscope from HP

Output of the multiplier approximately 13 kV is applied to the post-accelerator connector on the CRT. Vertical positioning of the viewed display is accom- plished in the 7140a preamplifier chip in A3A1 by differentially varying the bias current in the main signal path.

To reinstall A 13, reverse removal procedure. An initial turn-on procedure, operators calibration, trigger selection table, and procedures for obtaining basic displays are also included. Adjustment Locations 6- 1. The sweep stays reset until the end of holdoff. Connect oscillator to both channels, using a ohm power divider, two 9-inch ohm cables, and a inch ohm cable.


HPA Oscilloscope | QRZ Forums

The vertical output amplifier substrate provides the drive capability for the CRT vertical deflection plates. And yes, it does seem strange that the 17440a cost almost as much as the scope less shipping. When the trigger signal is lost, A7C13 discharges and A7Q17 turns on. Figure shows the timing relation- ship of the gate and sweep waveforms. I would suggest the most likely cause is the large hybrid output device, labelled A5A1?

Triggering point is approx center screen. I do not know what the correct deflection plate voltages should be, or what the difference in the 2 voltage should be for the signal trace to be correct or visible on the screen. It provides drive capability for the CRT vertical deflection plates and has a dif- ferential voltage gain in excess of In the main AUTO mode, the bright-line auto circuit detects any absence of trigger signal and forces the main sweep to operate.

Rise time is measured directly on CRT. A7CR14 between pins 3 and 4 of A7U 1 cathode to pin 3. To reinstall, reverse removal procedure see figure Dec Thu 12, 8: Signal is only displayed on one channel. The ac input is applied to a step- down power transformer. Knr additional important information about serial mini hers, see f N STKl: Display and Trigger Selection Table.

Table contains general information that describes operating characteristics of the Model A. Common CRT problems consists of open fila- ments, grid-cathode shorts uncontrollable beamand “hollow cathodes”, sometimes referred to as “double- peaking”.

The Darlington output pin 6 drives the base of series transistor Q4. It arms A10U1 and a delayed trigger will be formed if a sync pulse occurs during the main sweep time. When a trigger signal is received, the base of A8Q1 goes low and A8Q1 turns on.


Do not apply more than 5 V rms to the input connector. Disconnect line cord and remove top and bot- tom covers from instrument. Markers should line up ap- proximately with each graticule line across the CRT. Stable display confirms proper trig- gering.

HP-1740A Oscilloscope

There was a burnt connector pin and dry joints on the screen illumination side which I repaired. Vertical Control Switch- ing Assembly A 13 contains the sync control switches necessary for selective internal triggering.

Table will help analyze problems under a no-sweep condition. This state is inverted h; A3U3B, placing a low on the channel B preamplifier sync control line test point 6 through emitter 174a0 A3Q15 to pin 32 on A3A1. The reset and hoidoff circuits control the timing sequence of the sweep ramp. Remove plug to HV oscillator, Ql. Trace 1740z X10 is also accomplished in this stage. Read Section IV for circuit theory and principles of operation. Remove A3 assembly as described in para- graph The following accessories are available for the A: Note signal amplitude of channel A.

OK Useable trigger mode. The HP part number directly above each drawing is the part number for an instru- ment power cord equipped with a connector of that configuration. Delayed Sweep Display Channel A fine gain. Thank you so much for all your assistance.