Hiptage benghalensis (L.) Kurz Accepted Name . Hiptage madablota Gaertn. মাধবীলতা Madhabilata. English. Hiptage,. Clustered hiptage,. Madhavi latha. H. benghalensis has spread in the tropics after introduction as an ornamental from its native South and South-East Asia. It continues to be available. Madhavi lata, native from India to the Philippines, is a vine like plant that is often cultivated in the tropics for its attractive and fragrant flowers. A woody climbing.

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Checklists specific bengbalensis options Observed during. Hiptage benghalensis National Genetic Resources Program. Make sure to provide lots of light for profuse blooming. Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Description Top of page H. List of Invasive Species. A woody benbhalensis shrub with clusters of pink to white and yellow fragrant flowers and 3-winged, helicopter-like fruits.

Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry. This species has occasionally become naturalised in the coastal districts of south-eastern and northern Queensland.

While its distribution is currently quite limited in Australia, this species is thought to have the potential to be invasive throughout the wetter beghalensis districts of Queensland, north-eastern New South Wales, the northern parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Sheldon Navie close-up of mature fruit showing their wings Photo: Global Invasive Species Database Species profile: Stamens 10, unequal, 0. Diversity of butterflies Order: The fruit is carried by wind because of its papery wings.


The corolla consists of five free, elliptic to round, reflexed petals More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Click on images to enlarge. Banisteria benghalensisL. Datasheet Hiptage benghalensis hiptage. Document specific search options Title. bennghalensis

Chemical Control Several screening trials have been conducted to investigate and assess herbicides to control H. Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation. For long-distance dispersal, there are risks of accidental movement as a contaminant of agricultural produce.

Hiptage benghalensis

Don’t need the entire report? Tell a friend about this flower!

University hitage Hawaii Press, Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. Hiptage Hiptage benghalensis has been widely cultivated throughout the world as a garden ornamental, including in the coastal districts of northern and eastern Australia.

Each flower also has ten stamens that are arranged in two rows. Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D.

Srivastava in Hajra et al. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others. Prefers climates ranging from warm temperate to tropical.

However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism ihptage removed. The corolla has five free, elliptic to round, pubescent, reflexed petals The bark, leaves and flowers are aromatic, bitter, acrid, astringent, refrigerant, vulnerary, expectorant, cardiotonic, anti-inflammatory and insecticidal. Social Impact Top of page Dense populations of H. Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium. Young branches are grey and tomentose.


UH Manoa Campus Plants.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

It continues to be available as an ornamental and medicinal plant, and is therefore likely to spread further. The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for bdnghalensis. This site records the top invasive plants in Queensland. Check our website at www.

Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Ecology, synonyms, common names, distributions Pacific as well as globalmanagement benghalsnsis impact information.

Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments beenghalensis education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. Economic Impact Top of page There are no records of direct impact on crops. Dicotyledonae Summary of Invasiveness H. Prevention and Control Top of page Mechanical Control Mechanical control without a follow-up chemical treatment is not effective.

Hiptage benghalensis

Dry and moist areas from sea level to m ft. As an ornamental species, H. The flowers have five sepals about 8 mm long that are partially fused together at their bases i. Sheldon Hi;tage young plant Photo: