“El Nombre” de Griselda Gambaro. Public. · Hosted by Pulsiòn de Vida. Interested. clock. Friday, June 12, at PM – PM UTC More than a. “Monólogo acentua o drama da solidão. Sharon D. “Authoring the Scene, Playing the Role: Mothers and Daughters in Griselda Gambaro’s La malasangre. Slide 10 of 16 of DOS MONÓLOGOS DE LA GAMBARO.

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Faculty Publications by Department: Modern & Classical Languages & Cultures | Assumption College

Jonathan Waxman is a superstar artist, plunged into the exorbitant hype of the American art world where a publicist is as necessary as a brush and canvas. The play presents the tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. By way of a mutual acquaintance, she begins to receive beautiful letters from a lonesome Caribbean man named George who is working on the Panama Canal.

The Current Struggle on Thursday, January 20, at 7: Admission is FREE but reservations are required: Ex-roommate Mary Beth has a newborn baby but her surgeon-husband Takashi is constantly busy. Exploreswhat happens when a Writer, Actor, and Dancerstart and end a perfect revolution. What happens when your loved one is injured but you are not allowed to visit?

Silvina en “El nombre”

Bush and Bill Clinton make an unlikely pair as they travel the world raising money and acting as freelance diplomats. Sparks Grassly along with Janine R. Love, of course,because this is a play, not reality. What follows is the trial of five women accused of denying Anastasia Romanov, the infamous daughter of Tsar Nicholas, of her identity where the audience becomes judge and jury.


I can’t recommend it enough. October 5 — October 17 Tuesdays — Thursdays 8: Immersed in a shady world run by a crooked LAPD, despotic movie moguls, and untouchable politicians puppeteering every move leading one of the girls to fame and leaving the other girl with a crimson smile, this original musical merges a contemporary score with the film noir world grkselda create a unique look at friendship, love, ambition and the corruption of innocent dreams.

This is their story. Directed by Natalie Doyle Holmes. Charlotte and Grislda love each other.

Stephen Brantley directed by Jonathan Warman During the late hours of a summer night on the coast of eastern Long Island, a displaced Englishman and the drug addict, who breaks into his home, confront their differences and discover their secret similarities.

Unfortunately, she is unable to give him the love and support he so desperately needs. All they want is to found a a colony on the island that will become the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

The Milk Can Theatre Company is proud to presents a staged reading of Heffetz, a biting black comedy by the prominent and prolific Israeli dramatist and director, Hanoch Levin. Only a timely phone call from his daughter in his darkest hour stops him from ending it all and leads him to a period of soul searching. Spinning a theory based on gambxro reports of Harry’s friselda, she uses her obsessed co-worker, Louis, as a test subject, and gambago to a darker place than even she imagines.

This question is answered with jaw-dropping humor as the housemates throw a birthday party for the loner. Please call at least a day in advance or much sooner for reservations: It is a timeless underdog tale that tackles issues of gay rights and discrimination, and also has crotch blasting love rays, singing vaginas, a Jesus look-a-like and Rupaul.


Join us at www. Augustus; starring Reginald L. For the savagepoet, when straight sex isn’t enough and successfulwomen endure! Playing time is minutes with one intermission.

This simple and eloquent play focuses on the tragic and often overlooked effects of denying gay marriage. Doors open at 7: Too nervous to face her, Arnold is egged on by a sly but well-meaning assistant to reveal his feelings in an e-mail.

Directed by Margit Edwards. Chisholm, directed by Cece S.

Neither is who he seems. Love, Me Margaret How far will one woman go to feel loved? Starring Cathryn Lynne and Errol Greaves. Musical direction by Stuart McMeans. Begging the question, must we have war at our doorstep to feel its effects? Moon 2 Tryston by Janeen Stevens and directed by Dr. They rule on objections during the course of the play, creating a new show with every performance.

We will be working together to explore the shades of gray in all humans”. Bush and Bill Clinton talk about when they’re alone'”or when they think they are? Certainthings are meant to change, even if the world isending. This panel of funders and fundraisers explores the granting process, how applicants and granting organizations work together, and the future of arts funding within the larger economic climate.