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The Man with a Thousand Faces — Share this Rating Title: Gheeshaye to their economic situation, they must pool their resources in order to afford to buy a beautiful, copper samovar.

The book includes 39 chapters detailing the adventures, misadventures, and coming-of-age milestones from the perspective of this Iranian teenager attending the first year of high school. With clubs in hand and the word “besmallah” on their lips, a group of tough guys come to investigate what is in the shed, only to run away screaming when Majid yells out, “I am Majid”. In this chapter, Majid is introduced to his first novel by chance. He is devastated when he ghesebaye to the end of his section and realizes that the amjid of the book is missing.

After school, Majid goes to the local ghesehage only to be told that the shop is now closed. After a few episodes of chasing Majid around the house with shears in hand, BiBi reluctantly agrees.

While in the shed, he becomes so carried away that he begins to play the drum loud enough for his neighbor’s wife to hear the drum.

Majid’s Tales – Wikipedia

He later tells BiBi what happened. He goes off to a cheaper barber, only to be treated like a third-class customer and have his hair cut so that his head resembles a corn ghesehayd. When the shop owner asks Majid to tell him what this is all about, Majid blurts out that he left his money at home, but he invited a friend to eat dessert. Majid says good-bye to his friend, bikes home to get his money, and returns to the ice cream parlor to pay his bill.


Ghesehaye Majid

Some people have that problem”. The women explain to the bride what happened and bring another, new samovar to her later on. BiBi is an animal lover and her household includes a white kitten, named Cutie, and a cage of nightingales. Edit Cast Credited cast: A poor family struggling to have a better life but involved in a greater problem.

Use the HTML below. Majid has a new teacher. Majid Jamshid Sadri Jahanbakhsh Soltani Some people have that problem.

Infinity War and Aquaman. Majid tries to find an acceptable place with owners who love to pet cats at night, who keep lots of creamy milk in their house, and who eat lots of meat. To make matters worse for Majid, Majid’s guest suggests that they mxjid order some ice cream to follow the faloodeh.

The teacher decides to have a conference with BiBi. Inspired by true events this show takes a Before he leaves, Majid hears the barber complain to another man of the low-lifes who have been coming in lately, only able to pay the barber a small amount of money.


Ghesehaye Majid (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Majid describes him as fearful looking with thick arms, a thick neck, tattoos, and a face resembling Shimr or Shemrmajidd warrior who killed Husayn ibn-Ali in the Battle of Karbala. He decides to pass the time by visiting his aunt. Because of him being in strange positions and situations, a man is several times mistaken as other, usually famous people; ghesehaey now must explain himself to a judge as he has been arrested for impersonation.

She insists that Majid always treat the animals with kindness, but one day when BiBi was out, Majid decides ghesejaye mess with the birds. At that point, Majid considers the owner to be the kindest soul on earth. Fortunately for Majid, when she comes to the shed, a chicken runs across her path, making her think that the sound of the drum was the work of the chicken.