Bmw F30 d Retrofit: PPK performance power kit, new engine ecu fitted and programmed.

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I have only driven one F30 d, and that was with the salesman so didnt extend it too much, so I wont get to compare like some of you have.

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Originally Posted by tdizzle. The official BMW literature claims no mpg difference in normal driving. It will be nice to have that peace of mind for a change. Edited by smashy on Thursday 8th October Well, these figures are conservative, as they often are from BMW.

Thats where my current GC feels much faster. The car runs far less smoothly, the gearbox is up and down the ratios like a yoyo even on the motorway and the shifting f300 now very jerky. Been driving again this afternoon. Would love to see more pics of that E The above may be complete b ks btw. This doesn’t add to the fitting cost but if you’re there waiting it sure is a waste of a day. To pppk fair I don’t think its a dealer fitting issue, I think its more likely to be a combination of my unrealistic expectations, misleading BMW literature and c30 fact that my car was probably making a fair bit more than bhp originally.

This can take apparently between one hour and up to twelve hours.

BMW i M Performance Power Kit (PPK) Dynos at bhp / lb-ft

Bottom line, the M Performance Power Kit will definitely change your car. The power increase was barely perceptible and f0 additional fuel consumption and ‘busy’ gearbox mapping just made it s te to drive. Billyray posts months. Sounds like ;pk may be fitted incorrectly, maybe there’s a boost leak somewhere from where they’ve swapped intercoolers? Using this thread as a guide,it seems that there may well be something wrong with your install My 50 mile each way commute used to give about 45mpg, with PPK that’s 35mpg.


See the full details of the F30 i PPK at: Suburb of Tampa FL iTrader: It gives it the extra power it needs to become an even more challenging contestant for the arch-rival S4, and will keep you going until the much-awaited release of the new M3. JNW1 4, posts months. Makes you wonder whether they had really dulled the throttle lpk Comfort to get better fuel figures.

Wallaced Private 8 Rep 74 Posts Drives: Jason Administrator Rep 19, Posts Drives: F30 i Ordered Join Date: Browse cars for sale. And the power increase? This is interesting, and in some ways I am glad I am having the PPK fitted prior to delivery, which is this Saturday so I cant be disapointed by any negative impact ppkk may have.

The t30 feels quicker, and gear changes are lightning quick — possibly no quicker than before, but they certainly feel it. Originally Posted by TodmordenLad Should be a small metal M Performance plaque on the engine cover and a yellow sticker on top of the radiator to say that the larger intercooler has been joined to bottom of radiator with adhesive or something like that If in doubt, check with any BMW dealer and they will confirm whether your car has had the upgrade using chassis number as only BMW can supply ff30 install the MPPK As for mileage, anything over 40mpg is a bonus, IMO.


Originally Posted by tdizzle Same engine though right? Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. We’re talking the difference between having a full or empty tank, or one passenger compared to none. Originally Posted by fotiosi. Last edited by tdizzle; at Glad it all went well ppm you.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 i Review – autoevolution

pp, Originally Posted by NeilT This is interesting, and in some ways I am glad I am having the PPK fitted prior to delivery, which is this Saturday so I cant be disapointed by any negative impact it may have. Find More Posts by TodmordenLad. Find More Posts by Jason.

My wife drives it in Ppj all the time and doesn’t notice anything different but when I drop it into sport it really does feel completely different now. Decent power increase, comes with a money back guarantee and you can take it off and sell it if you change the car. Find More Posts by Wallaced.