Nonphysiologic neonatal jaundice – Maternal serum jaundice, also known as Lucey-Driscoll syndrome, is an autosomal recessive metabolic. En bioquímica, una ruta metabólica o vía metabólica es una sucesión de reacciones químicas que conducen de un sustrato inicial a uno o. “Las enfermedades de Jean-Jacques Rousseau”. Revista Aleph (in Gilbert’s syndrome · Crigler–Najjar syndrome · Lucey–Driscoll syndrome. conjugated.

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Other search option s Alphabetical list. Patients with AIP are commonly misdiagnosed with psychiatric diseases. Summary and related texts. His great-great-great-great-grandson Prince William of Gloucester was reliably diagnosed with variegate porphyria in Since only one enzyme is working improperly, gene therapy for Crigler-Najjar is a theoretical option which is being investigated. Gilbert’s syndrome Crigler—Najjar syndrome Lucey—Driscoll syndrome.

Patients that experience frequent attacks can develop chronic neuropathic pain in extremities as well as chronic pain in the gut.

ALAD porphyria Acute intermittent porphyria. The American Porphyria Foundation has information regarding the quick procurement of the drug.

FindZebra – Help diagnose rare diseases.

In the United Kingdom, supplies of this drug are maintained at two national centers. Depression often accompanies the disease and is best dealt with by treating the offending symptoms and, enfegmedad needed, the judicious use of anti-depressants.

However, other data related to the disease are accessible from the Additional Information menu located at the bottom of this page. However, without porphobilinogen deaminasea necessary cytoplasmic enzyme, heme synthesis cannot finish, and the metabolite porphobilinogen accumulates in the cytoplasm.

This syndrome is divided into types I and II, with the latter sometimes called Arias syndrome. Rousseau e la menzogna autobiograficaSchena,pag.

Acute intermittent porphyria

Psychiatric signs and symptoms of AIP may manifest as anxietyagitationhallucinationsdeliriumor depression. Signs that suggest dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system may be evident including an abnormally fast heart ratehigh blood pressuresweatingrestlessness, and tremor. Hereditary coproporphyria Harderoporphyria Variegate porphyria Erythropoietic protoporphyria.


Electrolyte disturbances such as low blood sodium may be seen due to SIADH when the hypothalamus is involved in the disease process. Nausea can be severe; it may respond to phenothiazine drugs but is sometimes intractable. Pain should be treated as early as medically possible due to its severity. One year-old girl with Crigler—Najjar syndrome type I was successfully treated by liver cell transplantation. In Crigler—Najjar syndrome and Gilbert syndrome, routine liver function tests are normal, and hepatic histology usually is normal, too.

Hot water baths or showers may lessen nausea temporarily, but can present a risk of burns or falls. These two types, along with Gilbert’s syndromeDubin—Johnson syndromeand Rotor syndromemake up the five known hereditary defects in bilirubin metabolism.

This is thought to be due to axonal nerve deterioration in affected areas of the nervous system. D Xriscoll – Hereditary coproporphyria Harderoporphyria Variegate porphyria Erythropoietic protoporphyria.

Acute intermittent porphyria is the second most common form of porphyria porphyria cutanea tarda being the most common. European Journal of Pediatrics.

Acute intermittent porphyria

Specialised Social Services Eurordis directory. Heme metabolism disorders E80 Seizures often accompany this disease.

Only comments seeking to improve enfetmedad quality and accuracy of information on the Orphanet website are accepted. Acute intermittent porphyria AIP is a rare autosomal dominant [1] metabolic disorder affecting the production of hemethe oxygen-binding prosthetic group of hemoglobin. Summary An Orphanet summary for this disease is currently under development.

Treatment can be problematic: The homozygous Gunn ratwhich lacks the enzyme uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase UDPGTis an animal model for the study of Crigler—Najjar syndrome.

Additional factors must also be present such as hormonesdrugsand dietary changes that trigger the appearance of symptoms. Patients with a history of acute porphyria are recommended to wear an alert bracelet or other identification at all times in case they develop severe enfermedwd, a result of which may be that they cannot explain to healthcare professionals about their condition and the fact that some drugs are absolutely contraindicated. Dubin—Johnson syndrome Rotor syndrome.


Only comments written in English can be processed. Subsequent treatment with anti-psychotics increases the accumulation of porphobilinogen, thus aggravating the disease enough that it may prove fatal. Urinary symptoms such as painful urinationurinary retentionurinary incontinenceor dark urine have also been known to occur.

Under normal circumstances, heme synthesis begins in the mitochondrionproceeds into the cytoplasmand finishes back in the mitochondrion. Journal of clinical chemistry and clinical dde. The disorder results in a form of non hemolytic jaundicewhich results in high levels of unconjugated bilirubin and often leads to brain damage in infants.

Crigler–Najjar syndrome

Infection is one of the top causes of attacks and engermedad vigorous treatment. Articles with short description Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Infobox medical condition new. This page was kucey edited on 4 Decemberat Acute intermittent porphyria Porphobilinogen. ALAD porphyria Acute intermittent porphyria.

An Orphanet summary for this disease is currently under development. Mutations include deletions, inversions, and translations. One of the many hypothesized diagnoses of the artist Vincent van Gogh is that he and his siblings, in particular his brother Theosuffered from AIP and syphilis.