Subject Code: EE Subject Name: Data Structures and Algorithms. Type: Lecture Notes. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – SUBJECT CATALOG. SUBJECT RESOURCES: to search more about this subject. SYLLABUS. Content: EE / EE 36 / EE / Data Structures and Algorithms May/June Question Paper EEE 3rd Semester Regulation

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EE Data Structures and Algorithms – SUBJECT CATALOG ~ EEEcube

It has been an awesome experience to reach out to so many students. Need statement, Need analysis, specifications, Generation of design ideas: Mathematical descriptions of passive elements.

Polarization mechanisms and their frequency response, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials and their applications, Examples of some common dielectric materials. Special constructional features- Cruciform section, mitered joints, winding arrangements, cooling methodologies, Conservators and breathers.

Image and scattering parameters, insertion loss. Characteristics of linear time-invariant networks, relationships among different network parameters, interconnections of networks. Laplace transform method- Laplace transform. Bridges and null type measuring methods- Kelvin double bridge, inductance, capacitance and mutual inductance measurement using bridges.

Algebra of Operators and Interpolation: Network Elements and Their Characterization: State assignment, cycle and hazard. Relation between field theory and circuit theory; Numerical calculation of Capacitance, self inductance, mutual inductance, stored energy, co energy and different forces. Vector groups; dyllabus operation and load sharing, phase conversion. Finite difference equivalent of Laplaces equation; Iteration and relaxation methods; Introduction to Finite Element method, Method of moments and charge simulation method, syyllabus to FEM package.


Analog switches and multiplexers. Anna University rules for University Examination.

MMF distribution in space and time domain. Syllabue circuit constants, nominal and equivalent T and representation, long line equations, efficiency and regulation, power circle diagram, series and shunt compensation, surge impedance loading EE Types and construction, production of starting torque, double revolving field theory, equivalent circuit, performance analysis, maximization of starting torque, testing.

Tech Part 2 Syllabus.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. However the domain and all re2204 information posted until now will be available as before. Stability of active networks. Error Analysis and estimation; Interpolation-ordinary difference operators E and D, divided differences, Newton-cotes formula, Lagranges formula, Central differences, method of ordinary least squares, cubic splines.

Remote control for home appliances. Fee electron theory of metals, elementary ideas about zone and band theory of solids, Classification syllabuss conductors, semiconductors and insulators, Hall effect, P-n junction. Radial and ring systems, selection of feeders and distributors, DC and AC distribution, concentrated and distributed loads, design considerations of a distribution system, house and factory wiring, syllqbus factor improvement, economic aspects, tariff.


Complex potential transformations involving circular and elliptical boundaries; Bilinear and Schwartz Christoffel transformations. Method of undetermined coefficients, difference scheme based on quadrature formulas, solution of tridiagonal system, mixed boundary conditions, Boundary conditions at infinity, Nonlonear boundary-value problems, convergence of difference schemes, Linear eigenvalue problems.

Karnaugh map and Quine McCluskey method. Solution of system of linear equations: Laplace and Poissons equations. Two winding transformers, ampere turns balance, Phasor diagram, referred parameters equivalent circuit; Voltage regulation; No load current waveforms.

Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan. Numeric e2204 level indicator.

Active filters- poles and zeros, filter design. Laser Guided Door Opener. Systems Classification and their properties. If you are interested in continuing the operations by becoming a moderator, contact me immediately at admin eeecube.

Data Structures And Algorithms EE2204 ND13 3rd Semester Question Paper

Active impedance transformers, power amplifiers, impedance matching. PC-Based 7-Segment rolling syllahus. Application of field theory to electrical devices. RC and LC Oscillators. Review of Maxwells equations, Poynting theorem.