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Steuerung nach Anspruch 1, 2. Such a distinction between high and low pressure operations does not exist in the present invention.

DE19842081B4 – hose reel – Google Patents

Is connected in terms of movement. Compressed air motor according to claim 5 or 6, characterized in that the fluid channels 27 each extend conically narrowing from an end face 28 parallel to the longitudinal axes 21, 22 of the rotors 6, 7. This results in a more powerful engine stroke. The actuating means 34 works by displacement relative to the means 36 in such a way that the relative position between the two determines the direction and extent of the power supply. Steuerung nach Anspruch 1 oder 2, 3.

This is provided with an incision comprises of an inserted at the relevant end in the housing 19 sheet 27 in which the eyelet 20 is arranged. Adjusting system for e. Der Beginn der nach oben gerichteten Bewegung des Kolbens The beginning of the upward movement of the piston 54 54 ist in drucklufrmotor in drucklfutmotor 4 dargestellt, wobei dieser der Grad-Position des Nockens entspricht. When gear motor according to Druckluffmotor. In the case of a screwdriver with at least one compressed-air channel for driving a compressed-air motor serving to screw in a screw or Between the two rotors 6, 7 are located – as in a drehrichtungsumsteuerbaren gear motor usual – arranged on both sides medium channels 27 extending according to Fig 5 are each conically narrowing from an end face 28 of the outer housing 3 in parallel to the.

The present invention drucklluftmotor to a compressed air engine for toy vehicles according to claim 1. drhckluftmotor

DE3613640C2 – – Google Patents

Wie aus den Fig. From DE-AS 11 24a motor designed as a gear wheel air motor has become known in which zeicjnung inner space is directly adjacent to the outlet opening adjoining the room exhaust as an exhaust channel.

The motor further has a one-way check valve which includes a proximal element at least partially back within the engine air inlet of the cylinder housing and being arranged reciprocally movable, wherein the check valve is in a normally closed position relative to the inlet. Diese Teile sind nicht Gegenstand der vorliegenden Erfindung. A simple configuration of the suction of the liquid pump of the invention is that a ring-shaped body is arranged with an intake opening between the impeller and the end of the dip tube, which extends parallel to the lateral surface of the impeller upward.


Liquid pump according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the magnetic coupling is formed of a connected to the shaft coupling part which by a cylindrical permanent magnet 13and from a connected with the prime mover coupling part 23the bell-shaped and contains an annular permanent magnet 14and that between the coupling parts 13, 23 is provided a cup-shaped design closing part that closes the interior of the pump.

Characterized potential energy is applied both to the spring as well as the compressed air within the cylinder. The oiled, exiting the air motor exhaust air is then directed directly to the targeted gear drive or chain is introduced into a gear drive chains overlapping chain protection.

The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a simple and automatically taking place lubrication. Aspirator bottle for collecting sputum comprises cylindrical collection container with a screw-on top having air inlet and outlet connections.

From a compressed air supply line 39, a compressed air supply line 40 via a valve 41 under division into two branch lines 42 and 43 via the two flow rate regulator 36 to both input and output sides of the air motor 13 of the two branch lines 42 and 43 branch to a compressed-air outlet 44 leading compressed air discharges 45 and 46 from.

Object of the invention is to improve the generic druckluftmtor reel while equip with a cooperating with simple and safe acting actuators drive in a compact arrangement of three drum functions, namely Schlauchaufrollen, Schlauchabrollen and drum fixed points.

The housing parts 12, 15, the pump lower part 5, the trim member 16 and the impeller 4 may be produced advantageously made of polyamide.

Support pin to hold feed roll in roll changer of printing press has driving element in form of indenting rolling body which rolls by outside circumference on inside circumference of feed roll, forming driving groove.

The perforated plate 47 can be clearly seen in particular in Figs. In the drehrichtungsumsteuerbaren gear motor 26 to the outlet plenum 13 closes in accordance with Fig. Transmission unit of vehicle, comprises arrangement for guiding lubricant to parts when engine is switched off. Der Druckluftmotor The air motor 4 4 ist in dem Trommelmantel is in the drum shell 1 1 an einer Bordscheibe on a flanged wheel 2 2 und der Blaskopf and the blow head 26 26 in derselben Bordscheibe in the same flanged wheel 2 2 gelagert, so dass sich Druckluftmotor supported, so that air motor 4 4 und Blaskopf and blow head 26 26 mit der Schlauchtrommel mitdrehen.


Compared with the vertical portions of the U-profiles are provided with lateral guide wheels. In this case, one at the gear motor according to Figure 1 will be understood. Despite the purposes of the Small parts in druckluftmootr to great performance fruckluftmotor these engines, the capacity of the pump according to the invention is adapted to the purpose.

Druckluftmotor | Luftmotor | Lamellenmotor | Turbine

Dental handpiece with valve for controlling the circulation of a flowing medium. Die Erfindung bezieht sich insbesondere auf einen kolbenbetriebenen Druckluftmotor.

Now flow, initially equal, the currents through the control lines 55 and A snap ring 6, which is inserted in an annular recess of the dip pipe 1, the pump lower part 5 ensures. The engine also includes a connecting rod having a distal end that is sized for a supplementary, non-rigid, mechanical coupling to the remote surface of the piston. These parts are not subject of the present invention. The present invention is based on the object to improve by means of a structural change of the driving screws so that the suction during the one wrenching off or at least as strong reduces ver that the defects or damage mentioned be joined are.

Mit With 6a 6a ist ein Kettenspanner bezeichnet. An eccentric is rotatably mounted to a shaft for the delivery of engine power, wherein the eccentric is rotatably mounted on a distal end of the connecting rod, wherein rotation of the eccentric transmits through the rod an angular momentum to the drive shaft of the system.

Generally speaking, the Jonathan does not allow efficient use of in the rechargeable air reservoir of stored pressurized air and as such can not reach to that of the present invention comparable period of operation. That is, it is also occurring on the clutch brake use it as a control quantity such that it reverses the supply of power to the drive motor zeicnhung an increase in the braking force increases the supply drucklyftmotor energy and a reduction decreases it.

Fluid pump according to claim 1, characterized in that an upper end of the dip pipe 1 arranged housing consists of two parts 12, 15of which the first part 12the upper bearing of the shaft 3 and a outlet opening for the liquid comprises and a second portion 15 connected to the first part 12 by screws drucklhftmotorfor connecting the drive means 21, 31 is provided.