Alison said: The Outlandish Companion is definitely for the lover of all things Outlander. #1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss The Outlandish Companion Volume Two! #1 New York. The perfect holiday gift for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss the revised and updated first volume of The Outlandish.

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The Outlandish Companion Volume Two

It has been enjoyable for both of us to spend our time in this way. Return to Book Page. I was quite impressed that it was a relatively short list for four monster outlxndish. View all 4 comments. I -did- enjoy the sections that discussed how Diana developed her characters early in books so compxnion she could use the details in later stories.

I do, however, wish that she could update it since 2 or is it 3 now? I haven’t included every section, this review would be as long as one of Galadon’s books if I did!

I don’t read excerpts or DailyLines myself, and I would prefer not to see any discussion of them here. Gabaldon used for research. The Poisoned Pen is Diana Gabaldon’s local independent bookstore, and they ship autographed copies of her books all over the world. I always just muddled through, knowing that I was probably mangling them badly, since Gaelic isn’t a phonetic language. My TBR diaha is growing from having read it.


Outlandish Observations: OUTLANDISH COMPANION FAQ

She has earned three degrees: If you are new to the Outlander universe, this is a gem of a book to pick up. Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide, I kinda expected this companion to be similar with inside insight into the characters and little tidbits of information not presented in the books.

The new TV section has several pieces, describing the book-to-screen process how we got from an option to a TV showthe adaptation process in theory and in practice, the actors and what they do, and an account of “My Brief Career as a TV Actor.

I just love the books. It gives a synopsis of the first several books, and then delves into some of the “why” questions for character development.

I treasure her characters. This would be a good gift for someone who loves the series, but not a must-read. December Poll Have you ever been to Scotland? You can see the video here. Apr 11, Kitty rated it really liked it. This section is just perfect for when you are reading Drums of Autumn and don’t quite remember how Jared Munro Fraser fits into Jamie’s family tree.

I couldn’t have agreed with her more on all points, and it was nice to know that I’ve always been on the same page with her regarding these things. One place said they are out of print.


Porter narrates most of the Outlander audiobooks I believe gabaldpn novellas have a different narrator and is wonderfully talented. The prologue, in which Diana Gabaldon describes the genesis of Outlander, is a fascinating look at her writing process. As a writer, I find the prospect of doing research rather daunting, and consequently, it’s my least favorite part of the writing process. Jul 03, Melissa rated it liked it.

The introduction to ouhlandish book chronicles Gabaldon’s journey to becoming a ficion writer quite a leap, considering her backround in zoology and comic books Excerpts of Future Books — Companioh admittedly skipped most of this section, as I’m not much for reading long excerpts of upcoming books, especially those which are already now published, and which I plan on reading soon. She is an Outlander fan and I’ve spent many hours over the last few days reading to her from this book.

The Outlandish Companion is definitely for the lover of all things Outlander. Diana has said there will be an audio version of the OC Volume 2, eventually.