Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) – Hundreds of versions in + different languages – the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had read the Catholic Public Domain Version ( CPDV) Bible. It is a new translation of the Latin Vulgate that was. From March of to March of , I worked nearly every day translating the Latin Vulgate Bible into modern English. When completed, I.

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Latin, or Hebrew, or Greek, or Aramaic. And yet translations of the Cdpv by a group of Protestants e. The translators who are most capable, and who do most of the translation work, have no say at all over what the final editing committee does.

When I publish an edition in print, I work directly from those exact files. Today, publishers and translators alike are making new efforts to more precisely align the texts of the Lectionary with the various approved translations of the Catholic Bible.

The use of the Challoner Douay-Rheims allowed this translator to achieve a much more eloquent and insightful translation text than would otherwise have been possible.

For the publication of their translations into the vernacular, it is also required that they be approved by the same authority and provided with necessary and sufficient annotations. No one translation can be definitive in every chapter and verse, and no one translation can comprehend and explicitly express every truth found in written Divine Revelation.

Gallican Ambrosian Braga Mozarabic.

The text is approachable and easily understood, bble even eloquent, but some of the possible levels of meaning in the source text are obscured; a paraphrase is a less accurate representation of the source text.

Given the monumental importance of cprv Vulgate, I think there is great value in a modern English translation of the Vulgate. The Reproach of Christ now features guest posts by: Biblical Catholic, Have you seen medieval illuminated manuscripts?


The Catholic Blble does not share the Protestant fixation on ‘the original languages’ and ccpdv to find ‘the oldest Greek and Hebrew texts’ of the Bible.

Jay, I hear you concerning the English word choice. The CPDV is in the process of being translated; the estimated date of completion is early However, I assure my readers that my edition here has all 73 books of the Catholic Bible. Eternal Word Television Network. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that, in the west, the Vulgate has actually much more influence than the original Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible.

It looks like an attractive book, though for an older person like myself, even underlining any book is a form of sacrilege. The Google search engine was sometimes used to find resources or to check for modern-day usage of a possible phrasing in the English translation.

Catholic Bible

Retrieved 13 January And by merits I mean its peculiarities that make it a good text for meditating on and understanding God’s word. Literal versus Paraphrase Translations of the Bible can generally be placed somewhere along a continuum from a stricter, more literal translation to a looser, more paraphrased translation.

My good intention is to make the Sacred Scriptures clearer and more accessible to the faithful by offering a conservative literal translation of the Latin Vulgate. Trinity Father Son Holy Spirit. With this new version, this approved translation has become worse. To read the Kindle versions of my books, without a Cpv device, get the free cloud reader — or — any of the free Kindle reading apps.

The Sacred Bible – Catholic Public Domain Version

As a result, Bibles used by English-speaking Catholics for study and devotion typically do not match the liturgical texts read during mass, even when based on the same translation. It is, itself, both a loose translation into Latin from Hebrew and Greek source texts, and a loose paraphrase of Latin source texts. Honestly, the Latin can be quite beautiful and, like I have said before, great for meditation! But a public domain translation can be continuously updated, so vpdv it becomes no less obsolete than the ancient texts themselves.


I understand through prayer, grace, and providence, that it was the will of God for me to translate, edit, and publish this version of the Bible. If you then take a separate boble of Bible translators, and another, and another, each will tend to arrive at very much the same conclusions about the wording of the translation. A one-person translation has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s the little things They are also more likely to be, in style, dull and ordinary, because anything unusual or outstanding tends to be reduced to mediocrity by the democratic process of these committees.

Nible is to the Magisterium of the Church that the truths of Tradition and Scripture are entrusted. Another advantage is that even small publishing houses can publish a Catholic version of the Bible, without permissions or royalty payments. They actually published this a long time ago and I even provided a link to it in a comment to an earlier post concerning the question of journaling Catholic Bibles.

For example, 1 Thessalonians 4: This specifically Bibe Catholic translation makes the Roman Catholic understanding of the text more easily accessible to the Catholic reader. Retrieved 14 January However, neither has the translation been condemned or rebuked by the Church.