See some of the most unbelievable pages from the Cold War-era CIA torture manual known as the KUBARK handbook. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. In , the CIA distributed a novella-length manual on torture. A supplement to the KUBARK manual, the Human Resource Exploitation.

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Agents are more frequently debriefed than interrogated. Control can rarely be established without control of the environment.

They usually maintain a variety of files that can be a useful source of information. Conditions can be adjusted after this session. Yet they have conducted scientific inquiries into many subjects that are closely related to interrogation: Accordingly, unless it is considered that the prospective interrogatee is cooperative and will remain so indefinitely, the first step in planning an interrogation is to determine how long the source can be held.

Although there is some limited validity in the view, frequently expressed in interrogation primers, that the interrogation is essentially a battle of wits, the CI interrogator who encounters a skilled and resistant interrogatee should remember that a wide variety of aids can be made available in the field or from Headquarters. The interrogation situation is intensely inter-personal; it is therefore all the more necessary to strike a counter-balance by an attitude which the subject clearly recognizes as essentially fair and objective.

A cooperative witness can sometimes be coached to exaggerate the subject’s involvement or accuse him of a worse crime than the matter at hand. But for counterintelligence purposes the debate is academic. Examples of the civilian security measures are:.


TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE ยป CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

They often reach decisions very slowly. Southern Command advised governments in Latin America that the manuals contained passages that did not represent U.

Restrictive measures are those that manula aimed to isolate the insurgent from the general population, physically and psychologically, denying him his principal source of supply. Since KUBARK employees cannot be witnesses in court, each investigation must be conducted in such a manner that evidence obtained may be properly introduced if the case comes to trial. Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas. For example, the [approx.

The CIA’s Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I | Stuff You Should Know

A threat should be delivered coldly, not shouted in anger, or made in response to the subject’s own expressions of hostility. The Interrogation Plan C. This is the system of inventorying all families by house, making a list of all members of the family who live in the house along with the family’s resources. Repatriates are sometimes interrogated, although other techniques are used more often. The interrogator’s goal is to obtain useful manaul — facts about which the interrogatee presumably have acquired information.

Therefore prior Headquarters approval at the KUDOVE level must be obtained for the interrogation of any source against his will and under any of the following circumstances: The local populace refuse to provide intelligence to government forces.

Personalities related with these offices will be arrested and detained. Not an Abstract Violation of Human Rights. For instance, it is more effective for a subject to hear a taped confession of an accomplice than to merely be told by the ‘questioner’ that he has confessed.

Although it is often necessary to trick cia-kubark-tortyre into telling what we need to know, especially in CI interrogations, the initial question which the interrogator asks of himself should be, “How can I make him want to tell me what he knows?


U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

The Baltimore Sun reported that former Janual member Jose Barrera said he was taught interrogation methods by U. Throughout the manuals, there is little discussion of the proper relationship between the civilian government and military authorities. Interrogation rooms should be windowless, soundproof, dark and without toilets. There is absolutely no discussion of the propriety of spying on and infiltrating civilian groups; instead, it is actively advocated in a number of the manuals.

That is, he should not be pleased, flattered, frustrated, goaded, or otherwise emotionally and personally affected by the interrogation. The choice of methods depends in part upon the answer to this question. A newer book, largely a revision of the KUBARK manual, draws the same foundational conclusion — that psychological torment is paramount to physical abuse. A suggestion at the proper time that his cooperation or confession can help protect the innocent may be effective.

If medical, chemical, or electrical methods or materials are to be used to induce acquiescence. Patterns from the Past”. They tend to think things through logically and to act deliberately. Persons who sympathize with our cause are also of CI interest since cka-kubark-torture is not favorable to our interests to protect these people or groups.