Title: Siemens Catalog, Author: Jesus Sandoval, Name: Siemens Catalog, Length: pages, Page: 10, Published: Interruptor Termomagnético QP 3/4″ Generalidades Todos los interruptores cuentan Número de catálogo. Interruptores Termomagnéticos Enchufables Tipo CH 3/4”. 10 . Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja . SIEMENS* para protección de sistemas de alum-. faster and with less effort. ▫ The infeed can be operated from the top or bottom. Highlights. Answers for infrastructure. © Siemens AG

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Tetmomagneticos sentron sivacon siemens lv 36 15 notes 16 siemens lv 36 3vt1 molded case circuit breakers up to a catalog 2 3vt1 molded case circuit breakers up to a general data overview circuit breakers switch disconnetors overview selection and ordering data accessories and components auxiliary switches auxiliary.

Catalogo Contactores de Media Tension

Note2 It have to be discussed with manufacturer when you applied M Quando um objeto entra na rea deatuao entre o sensor e o refletor, a sada dosensor comutada. Tipo Precio N md.

While pushing the unlock push button, draw the contactor about 50mm out ofthe cradle. For a brief description of datalogo model numbering system, consult the part numbering system chart on the following page. Incluye 7LF canales, 84 programas por canal, funcin marcha prolongada 4 conm. Catalogo Motores Trifasico Siemens Documents. For interruptore purpose of protection from the fault current below the lowest interrupting currentof the fuse it is desirable to replace it with a fuse having lower interrupting rate or addother overcurrent relay in seriesWithstand voltage of the circuit should be higher than that of a fuse that protects it.

Proteccin de distribucin55 KA,,, The above mentioned comments are according toKS Korean Industrial Standard and subject to the realsituation. Interfaz de comunicacin para lograr una sencilla conexin a distintos sistemas. In the case of using the M motor protection typefuses for the purpose of the short-circuit protection ofa motor or a starter select the proper rating inaddition refer to the characteristic curves on thecatalog to make the device protected fromoverload by catallgo circuit breaker or a contactor.


Release the unlock push button and pull the contactor from the cradle by theTEST position. High current such as short-circuit currentcause a fuse blown out due to thereaction on the material inside of a fusewithin such a short time. Catalogo Siemens Motores Trifasicos Documents.

Para atender aos esquemas de ligao, especificar como acessrios o relde sub-tenso e contatos auxiliares. Assistance switch b contact VZa: Vigilador en redes de corriente continua. Este modode operao semelhante ao difuso, com adiferena que possvel delimitar a distnciasensora realizando a supresso de fundo comexcelente desempenho. Os sensores pticos BERO, so de programaoextremamente fcil e se baseiam em trs princpios defuncionamento.

In case of separating the contactor from the cradle pull the contactor whilepushing ctaalogo both sides of Interlock handle to the direction of the arrows asshown in the fig. Accionamientos3 4 polosReferenciacon acumulador de energatE. It is assumed that the inrush current of a transformer is10 times of the full load current of a motor for 0.

Catalogo Baja Tension Siemens Documents. Conmutador luz permanente, ajuste de 0,5 a 10 min.

Distoro de tenso por harmnicos na rede: The fuse rated current should be higher than the sum of all load currents. A linha Siemens ainda conta com dispositivos comfibras-pticas, laser, sadas analgicas e supresso defundo, quando se deseja restringir a rea de atuao dosensor. LS Vacuum Contactors4We have the major technology that others can not catch termomagnetkcos. Con vigilancia del conductor de neutro y retardo ajustable de 0,1 s a 20 s.

Catalogo Siemens

Umbral 0,85 no ajustable, tiempo de respuesta fijo 0,5s, tiempo de reset fijo a 60s1 conm. Catalogo Media y Alta Tension Documents. Neste modo, determina-se um intervalo,mnimo e mximo, no qual o objeto deveestar posicionado, para que o a sada dosensor comute. Com total proteo no manuseio, temsua instalao simples e rpida. Referncias de capacidade mximaEndereamento: While pushing theInterlock push button, swing the lever counterclockwise two times and releasethe Interlock push button.


Ue V CC. Difuso com supresso de fundo: Vacuuminterrupters are operated by means of the actuating mechanism that is connected tomovable parts of a vacuum interrupter with a insulation rod. Rel de parada de emergencia Para la maniobra segura de maquinaria en caso de emergencia 5 5TT ,44 4Rels de nivel, para el control de procesos de llenado, reposicin de lquidos, nivel de mezcla, etc. Catalogo de Media y Alta Tension Documents.

Catalogo Siemens

Disparadores de tensin mnima o de apertura,cableado directamente en los accesorios3VL. Note Applied direct drawout type only. Tapa cubrebornesPara interruptores seccionadores de A y A, precintablesPara interruptores seccionadores de A y A, precintables5TETE,55Bornes de jaulaPara interruptores seccionadores de A y A, dimetro del borne 14,5 mm para conductores termomagneticoz 92 mm2Juego compuesto de 3 bornes de jaulaJuego compuesto de 4 bornes de jaula5TETE,78Contactos auxiliaresLos contactos auxiliares pueden montarse opcionalmente a la derecha o a termomagneticoa izquierda o en ambos lados 2 piezas.

While pushing the both sides of Interlock handle to the direction of the arrows,insert the contactor about 50mm into the cradle.

Para el control electrnico regulable hasta hasta 27 kW. Cad creator selection and engineering tools siemens. Isolao tipo Durignit IR, paraoperao com conversores de freqncia.

Siemens baja tension

Directly withdrawable equipmentThis enables the withdrawing of hermomagneticos contactor from a panel withoutopening a door to prevent any possibilityof electric shock. Con ngulo de base. Accesoriable 5SM 1. ContentsFeatures 4Technical data 10Ordering information 12External siemesn 14Safety components 15Internal structure 16Vacuum interrupters 17Accessories 18Drawing operations 19Electrical circuit diagram 20Internal connection diagrams 22External dimensions 24Selection tables 28Power fuse 30Power fuse selection guides 31Coordination graph 32Operation curves 34General descriptionWe have the major technology that others can not catch up.

LS vacuum contactors provide high withstand-current strength and switching capacity as well as versatile auxiliary functions.