Assurance. Assurance Introduction and Assurance Program · Assurance Details: How can I get CAcert Assurance Points (APs)?. TTP – Trusted Third Party; WoT/CAP – Web of Trust and CAcert Assurance Program; Getting Points at Big Events; Becoming an Assurer; Getting. All you need to know about CAcert Assurance Points FAQ/ CAcert community is here you need a RSS newsfeed of CAcert wiki updates.

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Terminated Permanently on 16th November If documentation is missing or is incomplete, the Assurer and CAcert has a problem. So the simple rule here is: Rule 2, but this may be open for discussion. I have attended several of their meetings. Additional Information Organizations The orgnaizations listed here hold events which I occasionally attend. Assurance

The goal is to make her assurancd to take your job away Encourage her we have many other jobs for experienced Assurers! You should keep the primary forms. It is comparatively low-volume. Note that we are now preferring the mutual Assurance where possible. Assurances may cost money but the price has to be set out before the meeting.

assurane Ask for other documents. Security Features stamp must cacdrt seamless on picture and document holograms special printing techniques like fine print and colors special paper human readable data should match the machine readable zone on the document.

You can help CAcert. A CA defines the exact meaning of a certificate in its documentation. Views Read Edit View history. The data contained in the documents Names and date of birth is identical to that on the CAP form. What is a Senior Assurer? Throughout the Assurance Process the Assurer should be guided by their own sound judgment. I became an assurrer for CAcert. There is nothing wrong with that your supermarket does the same thing but it might not be appropriate to your needs.

  HSD101PWW1-A00 REV.4 PDF

It is allowed but deprecated for german people. What about that CAP form? Explain why we do it that way. There are many different ways to implement this.

It is not forbidden to have multiple assurer accounts Ruling: Remember the following issues: You should have at least five minutes to check the documents and let the applicant sign the form!

Due to the increased possibilities for abuse those certificates have additional requirements. There were some discussions on -policy about this during April which should be considered first. CAcert policies allow me to ask a fee to cover my expenses in meeting to assure you. It is not forbidden to have multiple accounts.


The following procedure is a proposal. Please correct and complete it so it is soon useful for our new assurers. Even if all names are given names, like for example in Indonesia, at least two names must be included without abbreviations if present. And it’s easy to install CAcert’s root certificates manually. Make it a fun experience, not a reminder aseurance primary school nightmares. Assurer Handbook (incl. PracticeOnNames)

Each TTP assurnace that a person completes is good for 35 assurance points. To avoid issues like this one, CAcert shall review if having aesurance assurer accounts is acceptable Source: I was working toward listing all of the web pages I have developed on my ClaimID profile. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Now, there are two points systems, one for each meaning.


The CAP form is your only evidence of what you have seen! However at question here is really whether an assurance of a name spelled with unusual capitalization is permissible. This is a great opportunity to build up experience as an Assurer because you will be working with other experienced people, and you can discuss all sorts of issues and difficulties.

The assurer will need to keep the signed form. Ulrich relates to Oldrik I’m not a citizen from the Netherlands, so the Dutch country variation doesn’t apply. What can I do with a certificate? To prevent missusage, a Chinese name has to be entered into the online system as defined: Assurance points can be gained through various means, primarily by having one’s identity physically verified by aasurance classified as “Assurers”.

An example of an accepted country variation.

She now holds your privacy data. The separation of Experience Points has not as yet been implemented in the online system. For data protection and privacy reasons no-one else should have access to the CAP forms, once completed. Experience Points Old Points Your Experience Points Assurannce Assurance Points 0 10 10 15 20 20 30 25 40 30 50 35 For every assurance, an Assurer generally gets 2 points, up assuranfe the maximum of 50 points.

Your mission is to teach her the best ways and understandings.