above, interface f can be used, configured in the “logical expansion” mode this mode can make an extended system made up of several individual systems. BTICINO F – Interface between SCS BUS based systems, dedicated to different functions – 2 lowered DIN,Product: BTICINO F Description: Interface . Shop Legrand F – Interface between SCS Systems. Legrand BTicino SCS 4 Relay Actuator Plate SCS – interfaccia tra sistemi SCS 2 mod DIN F

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Page 32 F scenario modules Can save up to 16 basic scenarios inside it.

Bticino F422 SCS Interfaccia Sistemi 2 moduli DIN

Page 78 MH device Basic permanent software by means of lowered. Catalogo y Conecciones Bticino Documents.

Catalogo Tableros de Distribucion Bticino Documents. Nota 41 Actuador multiaplicacin 1 salida 76,44 1 42 Btiicino multiaplicacin 2 salidas 87,36 1 44 Actuador multiaplicacin 4 salidas ,42 1 42 Ref.

Regulacin con potencimetro 57,68 1 11 Ref. Each actuator is identified by three numbers: Nota 12 Piloto autnomo. Catalogo y Tarifa Trio Pipe Documents. SCS cable distributed through this pair. H 33,18 1 85 Acumulador 6,0V. Operating modes for scenario management Setting configurator 6 in the SPE socket, the touch Control can call, program positions M and M2, as in the following table.

This is the identification name login and password installation and configuration are described in detail in the user manual in for the connection. Co-lor Blanco RAL Is used to defi ne the link between the preconfi gured icons which will be shown on the display and the functions which must be managed and actuated by the devices of the Automation, Energy management, Sound system, Burglar-alarm and Temperature Control systems.

Remember that each device can supply all the performance indicated simultaneously. CH10 10,3×38 1 50 51 ,24 63A p. Page 58 configurAtion virtuAl configurAtion In systems with many devices the confi guration operations can be simplifi ed considerably using the virtual confi guration kit item and a hand- held computer with Wireless connection as an alternative to the manual confi guration. Nota 47 Actuador multiaplicacin 2 salidas iluminacin y 2 salidas automatizacin ,55 1 47 Ref.


CH8 8,5×31,5 4 50 70 24,75 50 70 24,75 50 70 24,75 50 70 24,75 N-L2 Cable 1m p. Nota 41 Caja 1 elemento – 2 mdulos prof. ETIQUETAS Memocab 11,5x4mm 03 0,07 17,5x4mm 05 0,08 29x4mm 08 0,09 Duplix 09 0,22 Adhesivas 17,5x8mm 07 0,23 26x17mm 50 0,45 VIKING3 Para borna paso 5mm 00 2,49 Para borna paso 6mm 01 2,49 Para borna paso 8mm 02 2,49 Elementos de mando y control Etiqueta 8x27mm 11 0,22 Portaetiquetas 8x27mm 16 1,81 Cubierta 8x27mm 14 0,42 Etiqueta 15x27mm 12 0,28 Portaetiquetas 15x27mm 17 2,13 Cubierta 15x27mm 15 0,52 Otras funciones Rgida autoadhesiva 69x29mm 25 1,76 Cubierta 70x30mm 29 4,42 Rgida autoadhesiva 99x59mm 30 3,06 Cubierta x60mm 39 6,44 Placa triangulo 50mm 04 1,73 Autoadhesiva x99mm 05 5,37 VIKING3 Adhesiva 13 0,04 Para borna paso 5mm 43 0,16 Para borna paso 6mm 44 0,18 Seccin cable mm2 Longitud 15 mm Longitud 18 mm Longitud 30 mm Ref.

Online catalogue Select one of the following items to display the product list: Circutor catalogo y tarifa Documents. Enter text from picture: Nota Proyectores 2 focos 41 1 h 2x15W 55 ,19 1 42 1 h 2x35W 55 ,57 1 43 1 h 2x65W 45 ,82 1 Proyectores 4 focos 44 1 h 4x15W 55 ,84 1 45 1 h 4x25W 45 ,68 1 Telemando universal: Single function If pushbuttons or switches are connected to the contacts, the interface can key covers.

Nota 11 Programador enchufable diario potencia mx. Tiempo regulable de 0 a segundos. Limitadores tipo 3 Mosaic, bases mltiples,ver Catlogo General Legrand.

Page 8 MY HOME Totally free to choose the control My HoME brings you the maximum choice in selecting automation system; from simple controls to controls for the control, thus enabling you to manage your own home rooms, scenarios and local and remote monitoring. The interface includes two independent control units, operation and three cords or terminals for interface item F to connect to hticino with positions PL1 and PL2.

Dgito y color Seccin del cable 0,15 a 0,5 mm2 0,5 a 1,5 mm2 1,5 a 2,5 mm2 2,5 a 6 mm2 Ref. Nota Interruptor temporizado IP 55Utilizar soportes ref.

Nota 00 Telemando universal. In this way the used can be controlled by means of an Ethernet card confi gured for access control, safety, load controls and CCTV functions can be managed. As described in the pages of this guide, the device can manage even complex scenarios activated automatically after events in the system or manually by pressing a key of a control device configured with the CEN configurator in the M position.


Legrand Catalogues

NH2 1 16 25 1. Nota PB Caja 2 mdulos prof.

In this case the scenario programmer must be connected to the system branch with higher addresses. Canalizaciones de cables externasAlt.: Conjuntostecho-baseMontantesestructuralesMontantesfuncionalesMarco soporte Traviesascelda internaZcalos jos pivotantesRef.

MH device Basic permanent software by means of lowered. With a simple graphic interface which f42 can customise you can command lights and rolling shutters, see the pictures of the cameras installed in the various rooms, change the temperature and check any alarms which have been given from a different place from where the My HoME system is installed. Table bhicino Contents Add to my manuals Add. Regulacin con mando ,15 1 05 Detector USm2 empotrar. With audio handsets connected in parallel in apartments without itemmax 3 these must be configured btjcino the same configurator N.

Legrand F – Interface Between SCS Systems | eBay

Addressing levels Group control Direct control to all the actuators which perform particular functions even if they Control device: Based on the privacy, BTicino SPA, with headquarters in Varese Viale Borriinforms all users that this website don’t use cookies for profiling and sending advertising messages based on the navigation history.

Page 88 configurAtion Handsets Axolute video stAtion N — number of the entrance panel Configurator N assigns a recognition number inside the system to each video handset. Portaetiquetas transparente 96 2,34 Fijacin sobre topes finales ref. Interrupting or sabotage of the connections item L causes an immediate system alarm.

H 38,62 1 86 Acumulador 7,2V. Page 30 Handsets The audio handsets can receive calls from the entrance panel and control and command the My HoME applications.