Zenza bronica S2A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Zenza bronica S2A Instructions Manual. Zenza Bronica S2A Manual Online: Accessories. * Prism view finder Model A * Prism view finder Model C * Magnifying Hood * Sports Finder * TTL exposure. The manual makes a big song and dance about Nikkor lenses being available for the camera, although by the time the S2A was around they.

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The Bronica S2 camera is a high-quality, Japanese-made camera. Brnoica though it has the nickname the poor mans Hasselblad it is in many ways more superior in its build, quality and sharpness. The Bronica S2 was first introduced in The Zenza Bronica S2 lens is unique, and features a wide-angle lens, and the Bronica also has interchangeable view finders.

The mount and mirror design are unique. It has an extra-long telescopic lens, too, which results in sharp pictures. With the Bronica Gronica camera, loading film is easy. For many years, the Bronica S2 camera was used by professionals for wedding photographs and portraits.

In fact, Bronica S2 cameras are still widely used by professional photographers. Zenza Bronica S2 accessories are easy to find. Used Bronica S2 cameras are still in high demand. Instructional manuals and repair manuals are readily available, if needed. The Zenza Bronica S2 is the Ultimate 6cm bronicca 6cm single lens reflex camera. Either the 12 exposureor the 24 exposure broniica film can be used on the S2.

Instant Return Automatic Mirror: Instead of moving upward, the Bronica instant return mirror slides down and forward. After exposure the mirror instantly and automatically returns to viewing position. Interchangeable Film Back Magazine: You need not carry two cameras when you want to use black-and-white and color films at the same time. The interchangeable film back magazine of the S2 is removable from the camera body. After taking each picture, you can exchange one film s2x magazine for another preloaded magazine.

Various types of film can be simultaneously used on one Bronica S2 camera. Due to the perfect automatic operation of the film back magazine with the camera body, the inadvertent double exposure is prevented and the film will be advanced only after exposure. Exclusive Highly Efficient Shutter: When the roll film 24 exposures can be obtained.

Further information is explained in Exposure settings Device below. Hold the camera in the left hand. With the right hand, hold the film-minder back with thumb on the protruding edge of the dark slide. Press the dark slide inward with the thumb.

This will release the film-minder back from the camera. Remove the back by tilting and lifting it off the open hinge at the bottom.

The dark slide is only necessary for removing the film-minder back from the camera and should be withdrawn after back is attached to the camera. Having selected the shutter speed and diaphragm aperture, advance the film by turning the film winding knob clockwise to a firm stop. Focus the lens and you are now ready to make an exposure. To avoid camera movement, it is desirable to use a cable release when a slow shutter speed is used.


Cable release sockets are provided both on the body release button and below the depth-of-field preview button.

This will hold the shutter open. To close the shutter, turn the tip of the button clockwise. The body release button has a safety lock. When mznual camera is carried with the shutter cocked, it is best to set the safety lock.

To set the safety lock, rotate the tip of the release button clockwise. When the red dot is in outside position, shutter is locked.

Your Bronica has a buildt-in protection against inadvertent double exposures. However there are times where deliberate double exposures may be desired. Secondly turn the winding crank until the shutter is wound. Replace the film-minder on the camera body and withdraw the dark slide. You can now make a bronics exposure. Twenty-four exposures can be obtained on roll film.

Picture A shows lever position when using roll film. After the 12th exposure the film advance crank will wind remaining film continuously onto take-up spool with no resistance.

Camera review: Zenza Bronica S2A by Ed Worthington

Picture B shows lever position when using roll film. The Bronica flash terminal accepts a standard connecting cord German Type P.

The shoulder strap has coupling connectors at each end. Place these coupling connectors over the cameras strap studs on each side of the camera and press in, then adjust strap length.

A Extend lens by turning helicoid to closest focus position. B Press bayonet lock with thumb, and twist to left. C Line up red dots on lens and mount. Insert gently to full stop. Twist to right clockwise until bayonet lock snaps closed. The interchangeable lens system of the Zenza Bronica Model S2 can be used with earlier model bayonet type Bronica cameras, The screw thread diameter 57mm, pitch 1mm shown in picture C is new with Model S2 and permits extension tube set and certain very long telephoto lenses to be mounted.

Indeed, it is only natural for cameras so meticulously designed and engineered to be identified with the finest lenses available. All Nikkor lenses for Bronica S2 are equipped with automatic-reopen diaphragms. Selected by professional photographers for a variety of reasons: Practical in-between focal lengths, high lens speed, exceptional mechanical and optical performance and fine picture quality.

Eight different lenses, five with automatic re-open diaphragms. All are supplied with lens hood and leather case. With this broad array of fourteen high quality lenses to draw upon, the Bronica user need never be stumped for lack of the right lens, in any situation.


Zenza Bronica S2A Manuals

The focusing hood of the Zenza Bronica Model S2 mahual easily be bronicaa and inserted. It is possible to use the prism finder for eye-level focusing or the outdoors magnifying hood which is adjustable for individual eyes. Press down and lock the front side of the focusing hood. Hi Brian, I hope that you might see this question, even though your review was written a while ago.

I want to buy him one for his birthday but I know nothing about cameras. I have seen this one on ebay and I think it might be the same camera as you are talking about and hopefully the same one he remembers. Are you able to comment in any way?

Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Camera and Manual

I would love to buy him a Bronica of this model in good condition https: I am the original owner of a Bronica S. My father bought it for me in in Japan.

I also purchased the prism hood and recently the chimney magnifier hood. The mm I just took delivery of today is in pristine condition. I even have a magnifier hood that meters off of the ground glass. A great camera to shoot BW. With two backs, I used to use it for weddings. It is a bit heavy but it does also draw comments from people who have never seen a medium format SLR. Brian, nicely done article on the Bronifa Bronica S2.

I worked at the finest camera store in western NY in the 70 s selling this camera new and used. The optics, especially the Nikkors lenses, were brilliant. Got all my Blads sold, bought the SQa and SQam motorized film advance like the lunar Blads and a full complement of lenses. This was shooting volume like schools, proms, etc. What scanning method do you use? PS I loved my Mamiya twin -interchangeable-lens camera but did sell it to switch mankal digital. Hello Michel R Fiege! Well first, you need brronica consider which type of film you will be using.

Basically there are two types of films you could use, either the mm a. As for the fish-eye camera, I would suggest getting a instead of the whole camera. This way you can have both a regular and a fish eye camera at the same time. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Hi, thank you so much for this informative page! I especially appreciate the photos and videos showing how to insert the rollfilm in the s2.

I escipeally appreciate the photos and videos showing how to insert the rollfilm in the Zenza Bronica s2.