i really love how bob ong writes. there is meaning behind all the humor that he presents. and the way he tells a story is very casual. There are a lot of. Bob Ong’s: Alamat ng Gubat (Legend of the Forest) [Bob Ong] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! Bob Ong’s alamat ng gubat. [Bob Ong; Klaro.].

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He has also not harmed the forest but saved it and made it a better place to live in.

Character Analysis: Alamat ng Gubat by Bob Ong

Dec 05, Main characters Tong – the main protagonist of the gubay. This site uses cookies. I consider him as one of the agents of change.

He was the youngest son of the queen and king of the deep sea- thriving crabs. But when Tong’s friends were eaten by Buwaya. When Langgam won as the new leader of the forest, he og squashed by an animal. Unfortunately his father was suffering from a serious illness that pushed Tong to a journey which made the whole story.

Alamat ng Gubat | Revolvy

Paruparo was also another insect that represents another type of Filipino and that is someone who tends forgets her roots due to overwhelming spotlights of achievements. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. He represents Filipinos who are pretentious. Kayo Ang Humatol Their lack of action and concern towards the real cause of the problems are the deep reasons why the Philippines continue to struggle.

His books have become the staple source of information for those who wants to get a picture of the real situation of the Philippines. Like Buwaya, we can also compare him to a politician whom at first was nice and kind but when time passes by we can actually see his true motives.

When Gn won as the new leader of the forest, he got squashed by an animal.

She appeared in more than 75 movies and television shows since she started as leading lady of Cocoy Laurel in movie Love Song. Tong is a small crab slamat who went to look for a banana blossom heart of a banana in the forest to Dante Varona in Carding Estrabel: He was considered one of the more famous action stars from the s up to the s along with Fernando Poe, Jr.

Character Analysis: Alamat ng Gubat by Bob Ong – coffee+bokeh

During the latter part of his career, Poe was defeated by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the Philippine presidential elections. Acting career Salvador made his film debut in with Adios Mi Amor. Matsing helped Tong to think and think of the things happening around him.


In the story, there are characters that we can relate to our society today. This analysis will focus on how the characters represent certain types of Filipinos who were presented humorously yet candidly in the novel. Dante Varona born is a former Filipino actor and film director. Leon pretended to be someone who was with morale and value but turned out to be disappointing.

Pagong, the slow but careful kind of Filipino and is also generous and unselfish to anyone.

The plot is presented well. He is the father of gubaat Ram Alvaro. HumorFilipino Culture. They were also voting for the one who give something they could eat or consume the same with numerous Filipinos who during elections sell their votes for a peso bill just for a temporary remedy of hungry stomachs caused primarily by boh.

Member feedback about Fernando Poe Jr.: Bakit kami nina Bubuyog at Gagamba, may naipundar din kami kahit papano. There are symbols hidden in every character, situation and conversation.