OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide. 2 reviews. by Biju Thomas. Publisher: Sybex. Release Date: April Books By Biju Thomas Similar Authors To Biju Thomas . OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: Exams 1Z and. Thank you for choosing OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Biju Thomas is an Oracle , Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle.

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Understanding and Resolving Deadlocks Performing Preinstallation Checks 8. Using the CD A. Architecture of Data Pump Querying Data File Information Detecting and Resolving Lock Conflicts Using Single-Row Character Functions 2.

Understanding Instance Startup Managing Listeners with Oracle Net Manager Dynamically Registering Services Selecting Products to Install 8.

Purging the Audit Trail User-Managed Hot Backups Simple Inner Joins 4.


OCA Oracle Database 11g Admin

Stopping the Listener Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring How to Grant Privileges Adding a Data File to a Tablespace DDL Lock Waits Viewing Backup Reports Multiplexing Control Files Using an Spfile Book Description Candidates for the Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle Database ooracle need to pass Exams 1Z and 1Z to achieve their certification—this guide prepares you for taking both those exams.

Table Object Privileges The Oracle Instance 8. Managing Data Files Making Files Online and Offline Creating Bigfile and Smallfile Tablespaces Answers to Review Questions 7.

Dynamic Performance Views Monitoring, Configuring, and Administering Undo oraxle The Sizing Tab 9.

OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide

Writing Multiple-Table Queries 4. Use Common Location for all Database Files 9. Understanding and Configuring Recovery Components Using Table Aliases 4.

Making a Tablespace Read-Only Accepting Values at Runtime 1. Using the Oracle Universal Installer 8. Right Outer Joins 4. The Memory Tab 9.


OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide [Book]

Managing Initialization-Parameter Files 9. Date and Time Datatypes 6. Identifying Enabled Statement-Auditing Options Database File Locations 9. Using Views in Queries 7. Character Function Overview 2.

Setting Default Roles Starting Up an Oracle 11g Database 9.

Using Undo Data Putting a Tablespace in Backup Mode