Tensar biaxial geogrid is commonly used for soil stabilization under paved or unpaved roadways. In the manufacturing process, the perforated PVC plate is stretched biaxially. Owing to solid construction without any interconnecting junctions, biaxial geogrids. Biaxial geogrids are those that exhibit the same strength in both the machine and cross machine direc- tions while uniaxial geogrids exhibit the primary strength.

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Personal data protection is one of the priorities at S. It can enhance soil structure and prevent soil erosion. In MSE applicationsBiaxial Geogrids are an integral part of the MSE system for building approach walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, temporary walls including staging platforms, traffic diversion, and pre-load walls and vegetated Reinforced Steepened Slopes RSS.

Floodwater Mitigation Temporary Flood Wall. Biaxial geogrid features good bearing capacity. First Name Please enter your first name. Geogrids provide support for the construction of access roads, highways and applications on weak subgrades that previously required expensive over-excavating and replacing. See StrataBase product comparison chart for additional information. Biaxial geogrid has high strength in both longitudinal and transverse direction.

Biaxial geogrid is widely applied in the subgrade reinforcement of railroad. Before downloading your file, would you like to submit your details, so that we can send you emails related to Tensar products? The size of the opening is extended to 65 mm, intended to be used with larger graining aggregate.

The stable two-directional structure can ensure the small deformation of biaxial geogrid. Biaxial geogrid has good bearing capacity. Customers looking at this product have also expressed interest in these complementary or alternative products.

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PP Biaxial Geogrid, For Soil Stabilization, Rs /square meter | ID:

StrataBase An innovative biaxial geogrid. Please enter a valid email address. That will help us give you a valid quotation. This content is location-specific, and products or services listed may not be available in your region.

Biaxial geogrids

Owing to solid construction without any interconnecting junctions, biaxial geogrids are extremely durable and resistant to stretching. Biaxial geogrids Geogrids The Pietrucha Group is the manufacturer of the PolGrid geogrids, specialized geosynthetics widely used in the civil engineering projects to stabilize and reinforce land or to separate the substrate layers with biaxia, graining.

Technical Information To learn more about the different strengths of StrataBase, please see the technical data sheets below: Lateral spreading of base course aggregate or subbase material geogfid the most critical and common failure in pavement structures.

Want more information on our products and services? Biaxial geogrid can reinforce various materials, such as gravel, stones, cement, concrete and asphalt.

View all Containment Products and Literature. Other specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements. Would you like to receive marketing emails from Tensar? Thank you for submitting your details.

StrataBase meets or exceeds all current industry standard specifications for biaxial geogrid reinforcement. StrataBase is ideal for the following uses: Base reinforcement for flexible pavements Subgrade and foundation improvement: Last Name Please enter your last name. Copyright Nilex Inc.


Need help with your order? To download this file, you must submit your details below. Hear from our People. When you contact us, please provide your detail requirements. Stiff nods of bjaxial grid are an integral part of the construction and rectangular openings give excellent support to the aggregate. This website uses cookies to provide services according to the Cookies Policy. It is made from high polymer.


View all Water Management Products and Literature. Overview Contact Product Literature. Using StrataBase stabilizes aggregate soil through confinement and introduces tensile strength, and effectively reduces this spreading. Biaxial Geogrids improve the structural integrity of roads and railways and Mechanically Stabilized Earth MSE Walls and Slopes by confining and distributing load forces.

Overall, roads and railways designed with geogrids can see increased load bearing capacity, a longer service life and reduced section thickness. Reinforcement of road substructures Construction of temporary and technological roads Construction of forest roads Construction of access roads to wind-farms Construction of parking areas Reinforcement of substructures of railway tracks Reinforcement of embankments and dykes Reinforcement of building foundations Reinforcement of substructures under technical floors and mass storage areas.

Biaxial geogrid has good resistance to long term degradation.

Tensar Biaxial BX Geogrids Tensar International invented and grogrid the biaxial form of geogrid — the original geogrid. In the manufacturing process, the perforated PVC plate is stretched biaxially. Reclamation Sediment Control Vegetation Establishment.