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ASTM D, D, and EPA 3C are used for the analysis of permanent gases (also called fixed gases) and light hydrocarbons at the percentage level in all. (A) Hydrocarbon compounds containing between one and five atoms of carbon plus benzene using ASTM D–03 (Reapproved ) (incorporated by. American Standards Testing & Materials (ASTM). D Standard D 03 Standard Test Method for Analysis of Natural Gas by Gas. Chromatography.

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Enter a 1- to 5-mL sample and record the response for helium, followed by hydrogen, which will be just ahead of oxygen Note 5. D – 03 Reapp. The drier must remove moisture without removing selective components to be determined in the analysis. The separation should be completed within axtm min, including reversal of flow after n-pentane to yield a group response for hexanes and heavier components.

This contamination can be minimized by such d1945-003 as purging with inert gas, heating the sample loop, using a vacuum system, or other such effective means.

Summary of Test Method 3. It is strongly recommended in the absence of valve ovens to mount the gas samphng valve in the chromatograph oven and operate at the column temperature.

For these components, a mixture with nitrogen or methane can be used to establish adtm partial pressure that can extend the total pressure to kPa mm Hg.


40 CFR 600.011 – Incorporation by reference.

Do not rely on oxygen standards that have been prepared for more than a few days. Keep the system short and the drier small to minimize the purging required. The test method can be used on any gas chromatograph using a thermal conductivity or thermistor detector.

The resolution R must be 1. If the hydrocarbon dewpoint of the sample is known to be lower than the lowest temperature to which the sample has been exposed, it is not necessary to heat the sample. This gives the Relative Molar Response factor RMRi for component 0- The reference component must be present in the same instrumental sequence except HexanesH- as the referenced components.

Select a sample size in accordance with 8. Avoid contact with the skin as much as possible. The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard.

Enter the sample and obtain a response through methane Note 5. The fixed loop or section shall be so constructed that the total volume, including dead space, shall not normally exceed 0. Weigh Cylinder A after each addition to obtain the weight of the component added. Although a strip-chart recorder is not required when using electronic integration, it is highly desirable for evaluation of instrument performance. I f i t does not, the cause may be a leak in the carrier gas system, faulty flow regulator, or an unbalanced condition o f the column or plumbing.


ASTM D气相色谱法分析天然气的标准试验方法_图文_百度文库

Weigh asttm 1-L cylinder to determine the weight of methane transferred. Methane should be in a 1-L cyHnder at MPa atm pressure. A l l single-peak determinations and axtm reference runs w i l l then be made in the same carrier gas flow direction. A 5A column can be used if a pre-cut column is present to remove interfering hydrocarbons. Last prewous edition approved in as Run a sample o f the mixture at kPa mm H g absolute pressure and obtain d11945-03 helium peak.

The measured area should be corrected by using the average molecular weights of the entire reverse-flow components for the value of A. Copper and copper-bearing alloys are unacceptable. Connect Cylinder A to the evacuated L cylinder asm as short a clean, small-diameter connector as possible. If a recorder is used, the recorder pen must return to the baseline between each successive peak. The thermal conductivity detector must be sufficiently sensitive to produce a signal of at least 0.

Die bond process intro Connect Cylinder A to a cylinder of pure n-pentane with a metal connection of calculated length to contain approximately the amount of n-pentane to be added.