Standardized the Allgemeine Depressions-Skala (ADS; German version of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; M. Hautzinger and M. Allgemeine Depressionsskala Ads Pdf To Jpg. Allgemeine Depressionsskala ( ADS). ADS Allgemeine Depressionsskala al. Free fulltext PDF. (II) Der folgende Test (‘ADS-L = Allgemeine Depressionsskala’) ersetzt keine Arzt/ Psychotherapeutendiagnose! Er dient wie der TSD zur.

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Hierarchical regression analyses predicting depressive symptoms CES-D.

Depression Research and Treatment

Social rank theory [ 45 ] built on this and suggests that some aspects of depression, such as mood and drive variations, may have evolved as mechanisms for regulating behavior in contexts of conflicts and competition for resources and mates. The study also shows that the ES-D is a valid measure that relates to other delressionsskala constructs like hopelessness, depressive symptoms or perceived stress.

Dvnr Artist Edition Books. All subjects gave their informed consent for the study. A Readerpp. Furthermore, due to the mainly cross-sectional design of the study, we were unable to investigate the causal relations of entrapment with other constructs.

So, flight and escape remove the individual from the conditions in which stress is arising e. For example, Price [ 3 ] suggested that depression evolved from the strategic importance of having a de-escalating or losing strategy. We, therefore, expect the stability of entrapment to be higher than that of perceived stress as a state-like construct, but lower than that of hopelessness, which has been shown to be more trait-like [ 32 ].

Specifically, the scores from the depression questionnaire ADS were associated with a higher abundance of metabolic pathways involved in starch and sucrose metabolism. On the other hand, changes in emotion-related brain activation patterns were depreesionsskala accompanied by subtle but significant shifts in the gut microbiota composition.

For depressionsskalq, Sturman and Mongrain [ 18 ] found that internal entrapment increased following an athletic defeat. Due to the present study, it depressiosskala now possible to investigate entrapment in psychopathology in the German speaking area. It was not systematically assessed by clinical interviews, whether any of the participants were suffering from clinically relevant depressive episodes.


Studies have shown relationships of entrapment to depression, and suicidal tendencies. Table 5 shows results of the hierarchical regression analyses for the prediction of depressive symptoms in both samples. View at Google Scholar P. These values were similar to those found in studies using the original ES.

Formats and Editions of ADS Manual []

Finally, a relationship was found between gut microbial composition, blood oxygenation level signal changes in the cingulum and cerebellum and behavioral measures. Assuming a certain degree of adaptivity of behavior and emotion, evolutionary theorists have suggested various functions of moodiness and depression.

Therefore PP and OL were described separately throughout the paper. However, for humans, such basic fight and flight strategies may be less effective facing the relatively novel problems of living in modern societies, perhaps explaining the prevalence of disorders such as depression [ 8 ]. The PSQ has shown high retest reliability over 13 days in a Spanish sample [ 31 ]. This reasoning is supported by the observation that some of the items of the ES cannot easily be classified either as internal or external entrapment and because the corresponding subscales lack face validity e.

Entrapment may be a cause or a consequence of depressive symptoms, or even both. First, perceived stress and hopelessness were included as predictors model 1. The study included three samples that involved a total of participants. PDF Readers and Editors.

Future studies will need to test the generalizability of the present findings for clinical samples. The third sample was a subset of subjects from the OL sample participating in the retest assessment.

Librarika: ADS – Allgemeine Depressionsskala (de)

The German form of the BHS exists in two parallel forms with 10 items each. He has published more than original data paper in scientific, peer-reviewed journals, and more than book chapters and review articles.

It was also argued that, unlike helplessness, entrapment takes into account the social forces that lead to depressive symptoms, which is important for group-living species with dominance hierarchies such as human beings [ 14 ]. Social rank theory e. The PP sample consisted of participants 96 females, 74 males; The aims of the present study were a to develop a German version of the ES, b to test its factorial structure, c to demonstrate construct validity of the German version of the ES by replicating previously found associations with other constructs, d depressoinsskala support the distinctness of the aallgemeine construct for the explanation of depressive symptoms, and e to investigate the stability of the ES.


Each deviation was examined and corrected in order to optimize the German translation [ 34 ]. At baseline, subjects taking part at the retest 3 months later did not differ from persons not taking part in the retest with respect to depressiveness, perceived stress, or hopelessness, but differed regarding entrapment. Furthermore, microbial composition was associated with self-reported behavioral measures.

View at Google Scholar M. A principal-axis EFA was conducted for both samples using the covariance matrix and oblimin rotation. Third, we computed paired-samples t -tests and intraclass correlations ICC in the retested sample to investigate sensitivity and stability over time. View at Google Scholar J.

Table 1 gives an overview of the sociodemographic characteristics of the three samples. To receive news and publication updates for Depression Research and Treatment, enter your email address in the box below. This inability may be due to a dominant subject who does not offer propitiatory gestures following antagonistic competition, or if the individual keeps being attacked.

In this regard, two operational taxonomic ad belonging to Bacteroides sp. The two samples did not differ regarding hopelessnessn. Entrapment correlated highly significantly and positively with depressive symptoms, stress, and hopelessness.