While the Gods Play. Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind. By (author) Alain Daniélou. While the Gods Play. While the Gods Play has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Alain Daniélou. Read “While the Gods Play Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind” by Alain Daniélou with Rakuten Kobo.

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With its worship of the Trinity, the Virgin, and the Saints, Christianity – like Mahayana Buddhism – reincorporated certain elements of polytheism. He sat majestically on the cushions, surrounded by several young girls, and was driven on the dirt road between the school and the agricultural institute.

This prediction is only a fragment of the vast knowledge Danielou’s book on Shiva and Dionysus is available at http: In the same epoch, the sect of Cynics, of dwnielou Diogenes is a typical example, flourished in Greece and is clearly related to the Kalamuka s of India.

Raymond took a great vods pictures of the sculptures; it was his first attempt at photography, a craft that later earned him an important reputation. Nothing is born of gofs own will or its actions. In India I learned that the first duty of man is to understand his own nature and the basic elements of his being, which he must fulfill to the best of his ability.

This is obviously absurd, for there can be no single, absolute truth. Renan Virginio marked it as to-read Jun 28, You submitted the following rating and review. Sincehumankind has been in the twilight of the Kali Yuga age, or at the end of a cycle.

I mention this only as an experimental fact.

After my return to Europe, I was surprised by the great numbers of feasts, rites, customs, and superstitions that greeted me everywhere I went; but although they were very familiar to me, no one seemed to know what whhile actually meant. Its form and sonorous qualities are implied in its root, in its genetic formula, which like that of all other species is part of the plan devised by the Creator.


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Buddhist Forum Volume V. A so-called ideology can very quickly turn into blind faith. It was during the course of his father’s peregrinations that Gosala was born, like Jesus, in a plaunot far from the famous university of Nalanda. Gateway to the Heavens. Clearly expressed in the ancient teachings, these concepts are thf accord with, yet surpass, the boldest scientific speculations about consciousness, time, the nature of life and matter, and the history and destiny of the human race.

The process godx the development of life over 8, Maha Kalpa, the stages of evolution that represent the different species in creation, was later on interpreted as a series of reincarnations of the individual being.

Only then does the drug begin to take effect: Raymond had always been interested in photography and soon acquired a professional technique.

It seems to me that many of the family problems of our time are the result of a conception of marriage as a simple channel daniepou erotic energy in a puritanical society perverted by moralistic Christian nonsense.

While the Gods Play examines how the visionaries of ancient times defined our rose in creation. Parshva, the twenty-third prophet, lived three centuries earlier and had apparently liberalized the ascetic customs of the sect.

While the Gods Play | Book by Alain Daniélou | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

So perhaps his importance or impact in the overall scheme of this is being over exaggerated here. The time now is It seems as though the links between cosmology and science, art and the sacred no longer existed. The impending cataclysm, Danielou explains, is brought on by our own errors, and its date will be determined by our present and future actions.

Of all the millions and millions of genes he can transmit through the sexual act, only a few serve towards reproduction; the rest are wasted according to the vicissitudes of life and pleasure. More books from this author: People have often asked me whether I could suggest a line of conduct, a method, and a “religion” that might bring the Western world out of its predicament or at least help some people to fulfill themselves.

The purpose of the sacrifices is to make the gods bear witness to the terrible cruelty of a world where living creatures cannot survive without killing and devouring one another. Armed with their very dubious theories, so-called intellectuals seek unrelentingly to change the world without studying its logic or trying to understand its cause or purpose.

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He cooked fritters on a frying pan on the flames, and we ate them. According to the early writings of the Shaiva tradition–still alive in India and dating danielpu at least 6, years–the arbitrary ideologies and moralistic religions of modern society signal the last days of humanity heading toward destruction. These heightened perceptions are such that people begin to notice all the absurd and ridiculous peculiarities of their companions – the shapes of their noses or ears, their way of speaking – and are hhe with an irresistible need to giggle; those who tend to be depressed, however, must be very careful with bhang, for it will probably make them dissolve into tears.

Roshni rated it it was amazing Apr 22, He can produce thousands of children. Le Farfadet is transformed into Bacchus. A development similar alani that in India took place in all the territories occupied by the Aryans. Originally Posted by Jaskaran Singh. What we know of his doctrine was written, modified, and expurgated long after his death and in a spirit totally different from his. Yogis often use it to facilitate meditation, mental concentration, and extra-sensory perception.

The New Left encourages young people to interpret sex in terms of a rebellion against religion and the sacred. Each year, we would take our trailer and go off on one or two expeditions, accompanied by our two servants, Gulab and Ramprasad, and sometimes even an assistant. The trailer reached Calcutta the following year, packed in enormous crate. It is part of a system of religious and moral thought that originated with Mahavira and ancient Indian Jainism, which influenced Ikhnaton, Moses, and shortly before Jesus, the Master of Justice and the Essenes.