I call my discovery the ABHA Torus. It is now the full completion of how to engineer Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics. The ABHA Torus. I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: http:// ?tid= I h.

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ABHA Torus Pulse Motor

Why multiple by two? We have way more on our plate than just mathematical equations bud. Customize Canvas or choose Framed Art Print.

I made an arithmetic error in the initial version of the base sequence above. Share Tweet Facebook Views: These stunning mandalas are all hand drawn images at first, they are then digitally transformed and enhanced with beautiful colors that build breathtaking atmospheres.

Therefore… endless streams of words, without any actual mathematical, physical, or scientific argument. Maybe we should work on the crisis at hand a little more in ourselves and within our local communities.

Say thanks by giving firepinto a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. The Fibonacci series shows up in every numeric notation, in every number base, no matter how you do numbers. C is at the torrus of a trinary oscillation Hi marko, We call reality what happens in the realms of what we know is possible.

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No two mandalas are ever alike in the same sense that no two snowflakes are ever alike Are you familiar with gematria? No one can answer those questions, because none of it means anything. The bearing is a snug fit, and also the printed bearing cover has to be pressed in. Take the number 1. I tend to lean towards this torrus a mathematical parlour trick, with some interesting qualities, which, if you strip away the spiritual energy emanation mysticism, could well lead to some useful, demonstrable discoveries.


What is vortex math? To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. Lots of impressive sounding words, strung together in profound sounding ways, but what does it mean?

Double, you get 14, so add the digits, and you get 5. How can you test that? I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: Aha Statistics Views. My personal opinion is very much in favour of there being more behind our reality than we perceive.

You need to put together something that is precise. Belief can be true but not necessarily. Really toru to have stumbled across your site; have poked through a few articles and enjoyed your perspective. Description Hand drawn digitally colored sacred geometry by Derek R Gedney. All of the time,money, and relentless effort for what? The point of mathematical notation and mathematical reasoning is to take complex ideas and turn them into precisely defined, unambiguous structures that have the same meaning to everyone who looks at them.

Create a Ning Network! So as ahha as I see, that guy sums the digits of the Fibonacci numbers.

In the ABHA Torus aabha numbers never move but the functions move through the numbers modeling vibration and the underlying fractal circuitry that natures uses to harness living energy. Well, I for one have to be thankful for the vortex mathematicians, for if not for them I would not be here! Download All Files 55 37 0 0 3 0 0.

Co-ordinates and Orientation

Its just simple equations with interesting patterns as far i go so far. You can see my final result here: I did not have to use any glues. With 20GB, you have the space you need: All of them obey the same conditions only in a differnt order.


We gotta just stop being ignorant to our potential and equity of our existence. I agree with the blog and pretty much the comments here also.

Vortex Based Mathematics & The ABHA Torus

If you use that numerical pattern, you can devise better compression algorithms that can compress any string of bits. The period of 24 is called Pisano period https: When you get to 17×17 8×8 and 19×19 tiles 1×1 you are back to the original skin – so there are only 3 but they have polar pairs so there are 6 really but 3 of them are just mirrors. I had tried to use a bedini circuit, but had no luck. Popular Configurations Stretched Canvas. They people who are pushing these scams deserve to be mocked, without mercy.

I would dedicate the rest of my life to nothing but helping them in their work. Just to make sure you know what I mean, if you draw a 5×5 square around any lot of tiles on the above skin, and re-iterate – you will reproduce the skin but slightly differently. What does that mean? Just abga quick pointer into something that may interest you. If the vortex math folks could do anything for this poor kid, Abya would gladly grovel and humiliate myself at their feet.