View updated Caterpillar F Rock Truck specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Rock Truck models. G Series represents a new era for this size class from Caterpillar. With your input, we have designed and manufactured a truck that is reliable, economical and. Caterpillar offers partial machines and systems, working with Cat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide specialty machines for.

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An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. Effective Cylinder Stroke – Rear.

Open the catalog to page 8. Operator Work Environment See more Comfort The comfort of your crew will dictate their productivity and awareness on the job. The G will haul your material faster and more efficiently with increases in torque, new transmission controls and higher travel speeds.

All controls and gauges are positioned for optimum efficiency and total machine control. Standard ARC electronically controls braking on grade to maintain engine at approximately 1, rpm adjustable from 1, rpm in increments of Confident operators will move material quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Caterpillar 777F Rock Truck

Two engine-mounted diesel oxidation catalyst canisters control particulate matter Our NRS Technology replaces a portion of intake air with exhaust gas to control combustion temperatures and Nox production Precise, extremely fine atomization of fuel under all load conditions.

Wet Disc Braking is standard on all four corners of the truck Four corner park brake for slope holding capability and brake wear indicator Automatic Retarding Control for downhill grades New traction control system. Using an off-highway truck bare chassis provides a solution that is ideal for delivering fuel and preventive maintenance lubrication to your site’s machine fleet.


Specifications Overview Caterpillar offers partial machines and systems, working with Cat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs to provide specialty machines for specific applications.

Strong, predictable performance will help your operators achieve the lowest cost per ton. Load Capacity – Struck. If overspeeding occurs in the top gear, the lock-up clutch is disengaged, and the brakes are applied.

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Mobile, Diesel Welding Machine. Seven-speed planetary power shift. The turbocharged, aftercooled cylinder engine has higher horsepower and faster response for superior performance in demanding applications.

All controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned to maximize productivity and minimize operator caterpollar. Caterpillar offers partial machines and systems, working with Cat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs to provide specialty machines for specific applications.

Wright Load Haul Dumper. Caterpillar’s simple solution is transparent to your operators, controls emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

Fill and extraction for all fluids in one location Key pad tells employees current fluid levels Includes all oils, coolant and fuel Conveniently located at ground level Lighted for night time use Service Centers – Electrical Connections The convenience of ground level access to VIMS data Ground level access to ET port Master disconnect switch Engine lockout switch Hydraulics lockout switch Breaker access Brake Monitoring G Series introduces several brake system updates: Tom Green Machine Co.

Brake Surface – Front. Long Term Value and Durability See more At Caterpillar, we know keeping your trucks running is critical to your business, that’s why we use industry leading technology to ensure maximum machine availability and reliability.


Rear Axle – Empty. New single-piece forged steel pistons with integrated forged steel skirt are more robust to withstand high engine heat and pressure, and enable enhanced combustion efficiency, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Auto Neutral Idle – as the G idles in a forward gear, the transmission will automatically slip in and out of a neutral state to avoid stalling the torque converter and raising engine rpm. Square D KVA.

Automatically shifts the transmission to neutral if the hoist lever is activated while the transmission is shifted in reverse. Caterpiplar your goal is dust control or haul road maintenance, the Cat WDS is designed to put water to the ground in a controlled, intelligent way.

This package includes a noise reduced Cat C32 engine, panels that enclose the engine compartment and sound reduction material within the radiator cowl. Designed to dissipate haul-road and loading impacts for longer frame life catefpillar a more comfortable ride.

Bucyrus FBL10 underground loader. Our bodies are designed to offer you the best possible performance, longevity and value by taking into consideration tire life, the truck’s center of gravity, load distribution targets and power train design.